Alternative Strategy To Get An Alusive PR For Your Website?


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There is a common misconception about major search engines today, as well as getting listed in them. Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN all have a system known as page rank. Page rank determines where, and if, your website is listed in their results. The PR of your site is determined by how many other sites link to it, the page rank of their sites, and the content of their pages (Whether or not it relates to your page/s).

The problem with this type of system is that it can take alot of capital to get listed in the top results in a search engine such as Google. Unless your website is a directory, having a thousand exchange links on your home page is just not feasable. It makes web pages confusing and a cluttered mess. All major search engines search for hidden text, so that will not work either. So what is a person to do?

The best out of the big three search engines right now is MSN. Google is by far the most used, but in my opinion, it has gone down hill. The search results seem to be geared toward corporations and big business’. Seach engines are suppose to help you find what you are looking for. In many instances, it becomes a chore to accomplish what the search engine is supposed to do for you. Sure I might find some interesting sites, but many times it is not what I was trying to find in the first place.

I've sat down several times within th last few months and noticed that Google results were close to worthless, compared to their former selves. Unfortunatly for Yahoo, they are having their new search engine designed by Google. I think that is a bad move on their part. Like I said MSN is the best right now of the big three, however it is still plagued by corporations and big business.

I have searched the web and have came up with what I believe is the next best search engine of the future. It is called Warp Rocket Search engine located at It actually allows the most modest of websites to get listed for free. It has a 99.9% acceptance rate and the search results are fresher than ever.

I think it may be time to start considering some of these up and coming search engines for the time being. If they allow the smaller website owner to get listed easily and the search content is as good as big three, we should reward them by using their services.

Why reward the larger search engines for going down hill? Why reward them for making it almost impossible to getting a website listed? If they don't want to scratch my back, why should I scratch theirs.

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