Short Term & Long Term Marketing Effects


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The most well known advertising method is search engine advertising using pay per click (cost per click) methods. These will bring you fast yet very targeted traffic to your site. Of course fast results don't come easy-it requires money. If money isn't an issue for you, ppc advertising is easy.

Many don't see satisfying results from search engine advertising, and all they see is their wallet emptying out. Many fail to keep on advertising on search engines because they end up spending their entire advertising budget without getting much in return. Once you are left with no money in your advertising account, you site will no longer receive traffic-unless you have repeat customers or have high positioning with natural listings. Looking for short term, fast result advertising can cause hard downfall and bring huge disappointment.

If you are looking for safe advertising method which will bring you never ending steady traffic, go look into submitting your site to web directories. This is what I call a long term ‘investment’. It requires a lot of time to submit your URL to each and every high traffic web directories, and it takes days, weeks, even months to see results from particular web directories, the traffic won't stop even when you run out of money for advertising. It doesn't even cost you to submit your URL to some of the most popular web directories. It's safe, but it won't bring you fast results, and you will most likely not get as much traffic as you will from search engine advertising-I guess you can compare this to investing your money into saving's account for small percentage interest, and investing in stock market for huge return or loss on your side. Money ‘can’ bring your satisfaction, but learn to cope without money when it comes to online advertising. Investing money is not everything; invest your time.

Start downloading Alexa toolbars and go hunting for web directories with high traffic. Start submitting your URL on high ranking web directories, and move your way down to around 200,000 ranking sites. Don't waste your time submitting your site to web directories that receive like 1 visitor a day.

To start off with popular web directories, go to http://directories.

By Anthony Bae
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UK Graduates Looking Short-Term At Their Long-Term Financial Responsibilities
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