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1. You Don't Need Money For Everything

When you have just finished your brand new website i can imagine you would want the whole world to visit it, and preferably keep on coming back for more. If you have money to do some investing in advertisement in any way you have it considerably easier in those first steps then the web master without that cold hard cash backup. But don't fear if you are not in that money group yet, you don't need money for everything. It can of course make life a bit easier, but what isn't there isn't there and the site still needs to be made popular.

2. A Good First Step

A good first step to undertake would be visiting a big search engine and enter a keyword you feel is extremely related to your website. Then write down the first 10 websites you feel are very related to your content and that have a list of partner links displayed on their website. If a website doesn't have list with partner links you have no real chance of getting your link to be displayed, so you can ignore them. So after you found some websites your next step should be contacting the web masters of each one of those websites.

Before you contact a web master you make sure you have setup a link on your website pointing to their website, then you contact them in a very friendly manner (not too overly business like) and ask them if they would be interested in displaying a text link or perhaps even a banner to your website. Because you already have a link pointing to them they can see you are serious and perhaps they will place your link too. You have a good chance of being accepted as long as you stay friendly. If you repeat these steps and contact a lot more websites your website will be know much better, and the best thing is that its free. Of course it needs time, but you will definitely feel the impact in the number of visitors. This is especially true if you have a very popular topic and are offering useful content, they will be coming back for more and more.

3. Find Those Quality Directories

The next thing you should do is find free link-directories related to your website and submit your site to be included. Just use a search engine and start to search for link directories. Be very sure that you don't use all the FFA (free for all) directories you find because a lot of them are just junk and rather then being good for your site they will hurt it. Look out for the quality directories amongst them, especially serving categories related to the topics of your website.

Submitting your website to those quality directories will drive lots of traffic to your site, again all free and even reasonably targeted. The traffic is targeted because if somebody was searching a category in a link-directory, and found your site, it meant he/she was already searching for topics related to your site and thus perhaps is an important customer for your website in the future. Like i said be a bit careful with this step and select only quality directories. Also resubmit your site from time to time if you think you aren't included anymore.

4. Bring On That Signature

Another great free method that is guaranteed to work is register at a lot of forums all over the Internet. Of course again make sure you only join forums that are related to the content on your site as much as possible. When you find a forum, you should join it and firstly post an introduction message describing who you are, what you do and what kind of website you own. Every forum will have a special part for introduction's and you will be amazed by the nice reactions people will give you and how many of them will actually visit your site immediately to know more about you. The next important and most useful step is finding the that forum's control panel where you can set your signature. A signature is a small piece of text usually about 2-5 lines, which you can fill and which is attached to every post you make or have made in the past. If you place a link to your site in this signature, it means that with every post you make you make sure that:

1)People that read that thread will read your post and perhaps visit your site.

2)Your link is added to that website and search engines notice it for sure. It is not at all weird to see loads of visitors coming in though all the forums you register and actively post at. Even if you registered at a forum years ago, go back and setup that signature, you can't miss out on all those links pointing to your site. This type of promotion is fun because you can actively join a community with a topic you love, discuss it, meet people and all the time you are promoting your site, on the other hand it also takes time and dedication. The best thing again its all free and thus if you are serious about promoting your site but don't have the cash to back that up, this is a great way to start generating some good traffic.

4. Write That Article

The next thing you might do, but this is not for everybody, is writing articles and submit them to free article directories. This again requires time and some skill, but is worth every minute of it. In every article you write you can place links back to your site in the “about the author” part. If you are good at writing articles, the web master that searches for free articles will add your articles to their websites and thus you have more and more links pointing directly to your website. Because you are not pointing a link back to their site (like in the first step) it even means that the link is seen by search engines as a even more important link. (A site wouldn't link to you for any reason, you must be doing something good. ) By submitting your articles to the many directories out there you will increase the chance of getting more targeted traffic a lot, and all for free again.

5. Setup RSS Feeds

One last thing i would like to notice is that you could have a look at ways to create RSS feeds for your content. If you aren't a developer yourself i would let this option go for now and return back when you have the money to let somebody develop feeds for you. No need to break your head over just another thing. RSS is a way to deliver you content from your website to the desktop of a user. If a user downloads you feed he can enter it in his feed reading application and every time you add new content to your site he/she will be notified immediately on their desktop. On top of this you can also submit all your RSS feeds to RSS feed directories, just like you would submit your site to quality link directories.

6. Conclusion

Well i hope i could show you some free website promotion tricks in this article, just remember its very important to give it all time. Don't expect overnight delivery because you will be disappointed for sure. But if you do give it time and you also take time to apply some of the described tricks over and over again ( like posting in the forums) i can guarantee you will see an increase in visitors which can mean an increase in profit.

Philip Walusimbi
Ebiz marketer


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