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How to Use Voice Broadcasting to Increase Sales and Opt in Leads to Your Website Literally Overnight


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Did you know that voice broadcasting can increase your sales and opt in leads faster than just about any other method of promotion, including pay per clicks!

Let's face it, regardless of what industry you're in whether it's home based business, a brick and mortar business or other, we are all faced with the same challenges. No people coming to our websites or walking in through our doors means no sales. . . No sales means we go out of business, and going out of business means working for someone else.

You probably know this by now, but in case you didn't I'll give you a quick lesson in math. Advertising is a numbers game, and the more advertising and marketing you do to bring in new customers, the more sales you can have. The challenge many business owners face is what way do they advertise? Sure, you can have direct mail letters prepared and stuff them into envelopes or you can use postcards. However by using these methods you have to deal with the high cost, not too mention the mail time and the tedious preparation it takes to reach your potential new customers.

You can buy expensive pay per click campaigns and before you know it you've spent a few hundreds bucks with nothing to show for it. You could write solo ads and pay the expensive fees that the better ezines charge, but here you have to wait up to 3 to 4 weeks sometimes before your ad even comes out, and it may or may not even pull in any opt in leads? So what is the next choice? Well, as I mentioned earlier, it's voice broadcasting.

Time is money and by using this method, you're going to get the most bang for the buck!
Here's how it works, most if not all voice broadcasting companies will charge you so many cents per minute for your connected calls. Some will also charge you a set up fee in order to use their software. In a nutshell, you will write a voice script that describes your product or service. You want to cram in as many highlights and selling points as you can inside of 30 to 45 seconds. You want to keep your message short and sweet so you keep your costs down, and you don't want to irritate or bore your potential prospect.

Remember, they are in complete control and can hang up at any time. To ensure that your listener keeps listening it is suggested you use a female's voice that has a nice tone and disposition. Women are accepted more in this situation because they come across less threatening or pushy. A good way to start your message is to say Hello, sorry to bother you, but I have a very important announcement you will want to hear. . . Then you will go into your pitch. You can choose to leave a message on a machine, or set the software to deal with live answers only, the software is usually very versatile.

You will want to talk a little faster than normal so you don't increase your costs. Remember time is money and this is never truer than with voice broadcasting. However, the costs are very affordable when compared to other methods of promotion. This is a method that you want to look into because when results count, this is the way to go. It is not unusual for a sizable voice broadcast session to yield 30 to 40 or more return calls or opt in leads. At the push of a button, your message can be delivered at the same time to thousands of fresh and eager customers. Never again will you have to make a gut wrenching cold call. . . This time you can have leads chasing you to buy your products or services.

The bottom line, if you want to have an influx of new and paying customers beating down your door, then should consider using voice broadcasting. From Real estate professionals to cake decorators to home based business professionals. . . anyone can use this highly effective method to increase their bottom line fast.

To learn more about voice broadcasting and how to use it to increase your sales 10 fold virtually overnight, simply Click Here voicebroadcasting


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IBuzzPro Voice Broadcasting Is This a Cost Effective Marketing Solution?
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