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Instructions From a Guru

Len Roe

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I'm sure you have seen that little button that says click here to download the book of instructions that will help you build a fortune. You know the one I mean. It says that Mr. So and so will explain everything you need to know.

Well, in most cases those are good books filled with good information. My problem is that I just can't follow along. As I am reading and burning the information into my simple little brain I get so engrossed with all that knowledge that I want it faster. I want to get there right now and make something happen.

I find myself skimming through the information and, of course, by skimming I miss a lot of the important stuff. So I force myself to take it a little slower and grab all I can as I read.

That is the first thing I want to tell you, Don't get in a hurry. Take your time and read every word. Each word is important if you want to be successful. If you skim through it can sometimes alter the true meaning of what the author (GURU) is trying to tell you and you may miss some very important points.

Just slow down and absorb all you can. That information is there for a reason and that reason is to help you reach your goal of success.

Another problem that I have is in hyperlinks. I get so interested in what the guru is telling me that I want to explore all he or she has to give. After a paragraph there may be a link to something the guru feels is important and fits into what he is talking about. I will click the link and find myself on another page filled with more information and facts.

I find that page interesting too and begin reading it. When I finally decide to go back to where I was I have forgotten what I was learning and need to retrace my steps to remember what I was looking for.

Sure enough, there is another hyperlink a little lower down in the body of the subject and again, I head off into another subject of interest. Again, I have lost my train of thought and need to retrace again.

I would appreciate it more if the writer would place all the reference links in one spot at the end of his instructions with a notation to what they are for and let me finish reading the material he chose to write about and teach.

I would be more than happy to go to the pages he recommends after I absorb what he has to give. I have downloaded the information, let me read it all without interruption.

What I have done to solve my little dilemma is to open my word processor and let it run in the background. When I run into one of those important hyperlinks I copy it to the word processor and go no with my reading. When I have finished studying and learning I can open any one of the hyperlinks I want and take time to enjoy it.

I know this sounds a little silly, but it works for me. If I feel that one of the hyperlinks is relevant to the subject on hand I can give it a quick read then place it in the word processor for later use.

I have learned a lot from reading the words of the guru. The gurus have given me the knowledge to build all of my websites and what to put in them. It is through the gurus that I found the way to monetize my sites so they pay their own way.

In short, read the information but save those hyperlinks for a time that they either fit the need or when you have more time to appreciate them.

Len Roe has written articles for over 10 years. He wrote this article and several more on the subject. If you found it interesting there is more information on my website Stop by for a visit and more points of interest.


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