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Effective Product Differentiation


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As obvious as it may sound, the truth is there are a lot of businesses out there. The odds of not having any competition are next to impossible, and something any worthwhile business, whether big or small, has to eventually come to accept. Every one of those businesses are trying to do the exact same thing: get people to buy their products. When flooded with so many potential prospects it isn't always easy for the customers to know which business is the best and which one has the best product. What you need to do is help them along.

Differentiating your business and your products from the competition is by far one of the most important details when dealing with any kind of industry. Everything a company does, from the creative ads they run to the inventive promotions they produce to the full color business cards they hand out is geared towards separating themselves from the rest of the flock. If you're going to compete with them you're going to have to do the same, and do it more effectively.

Sometimes the most effective approaches can be some of the most simplistic. Printing well-colored brochures give a business the chance to show their customers the subtle or not so subtle differences between them and the competition, whether it is better designs, better features, or better prices. Handing them a list of all the products or services you offer allows them the ability to see exactly what they're getting when they do business with you, and the more a customer knows about a business the better the odds are they'll feel comfortable with them.

But, even going beyond the products, boosting up your company can also be an effective tool to place you above the competition. When you hand a person a business card, fully colored with a unique design you're handing them a means to remember you. A business card can say a lot about a person and the business they run. Simple, drab colors can be off putting to the person looking for a friendlier business. The right color scheme alone can differentiate you from the competition, and once you've managed to separate yourself out, you'll be in a prime position to be who the person favors when they need that specific product.

With competition as steep as it is today, every business has its hands full trying to stay about the rest. When every little thing counts, the business the customers will take to heart will be the one who can show them just why they're the best qualified. Printing out the right kind of colorful brochure or business card can be a valuable method of stepping away from the crowded business field.

Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.

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