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Your Custom Boutique Children's Website - What You Must Know About Effective Presentation

Lisa Otto

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If you're the owner of a children's boutique, you face a special challenge in today's online marketplace: You have tremendous competition, and you need to stand out from the crowd!

The rise of online children's boutiques has risen dramatically! A Google search for ‘online children's boutique’ renders 1,230,000 results for products ranging from handmade jewelry to clothing, bedding and children's room décor.

If you're an Ebay user, you may be familiar with the virtual community of Children's (Custom) Boutique Designers, sellers and buyers. Ebay boasts the largest online children's boutique community on the Web, and has also opened doors for many new business owners to follow in the footsteps of boutique owners before them.

With so much competition, how can you make sure your Children's Boutique Website stands above the rest?

The beauty of having a Children's Boutique Website is that by it's very nature, your store brings a sense of ambience and appeal with it. There are Mothers looking for the perfect, high-end, one- of-a-kind item for their child, and there's a good chance you have what they want. Because people shopping at online boutiques expect to pay more for goods and services found there, they also expect a certain measure of chic not found in an everyday department store.

Because of this, you have the leeway to add a bit of prose, creative writing, and expressive description along with your functional Website content. In short, you have the option of offering a collective shopping experience, not just offer products for sale.

How does creative writing make your Boutique stand out? Well, it gives your visitors and shoppers a bit of an upscale sensation. They feel pampered, like they've walked into a place that has what they need from people who care about their needs and desires. They feel welcome, enchanted by the layout, the descriptions, the entire experience of being in your virtual store.

The key word here really is experience.

Because your customer can't physically touch, smell or hear what you have in your store, you need to woo them with enticing product descriptions, a well designed front page that has a nice mixture of text and graphics, and enlist their senses with a well written path around your store.

All of this can be accomplished by remembering a few simple things:

Don't waste your heading space by simply saying “Hi, welcome to my store. " This does nothing for your content search-ability, nor does it do anything for your customers.

Instead, form a bit of prose that is both searchable with your keywords and inviting:

(tagline) Children's clothing like you've never experienced before!

Custom Boutique boy's jon-jons, A-line Birthday girl dresses for that special day no one will forget, and perfectly custom hand-painted shoes to match it all. You won't want to miss a thing in our upscale children's boutique!

Here you've used a tagline that draws your customer in, and a beginning paragraph that has a bit of welcoming detail, while still providing ample keywords.

Use your front page to now enlist the senses as you describe, in concise, keyword rich text, what you can offer your customer. Use description and “action" words or phrases to guide your customers:

'Don't miss our Holiday Candy Cane pants, made with snowy popcorn chenille trim", and ‘Don't waste another day dressing your child in scratchy pajamas! Give them the luxury of our buttery-soft organic flannel PJ's, available in pink, red or blue. '

These two examples have described the sense of touch, and used action phrases to subtly prompt your customer to make a purchase. You can gently guide your visitors around your Web store with soft action phrases, well written descriptions and a thoughtfully planned out website.

For boutique products, product descriptions are an absolute must. Remember, you attract the type of customer that you write for. If you use little to no description on your site, you're not likely to attract the types of customers who will pay boutique prices for your products.

Now is the time to take a peek at your Website front page and product descriptions. Do you have great copywriting, or are you using so-so writing? Did you simply “throw something together" when you wrote your front page and product descriptions, or did you carefully plan it out? These are the questions that will make or brake your visibility, and the rate of successful sales your site brings in.

Better content makes better Boutiques!

Need help with your front page or product descriptions? Don't waste another minute trying to do it yourself! Creative Writing Studios is a professional copywriting service with Work-at-home businesses and Boutiques in mind.

Lisa Otto is a freelance writer and is the owner of Creative Writing Studios, a Small Business Copywriting service that strives to help Work-At-Home and Small Business owners succeed. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and 3 children.



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