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To be able to attract visitors to stay longer on the internet home business site , the home page must have a clear attention maker.

The latest invention in the internet home business marketing is called the video marketing. All marketers want that their offer is different and unique one. A video on the web site can communicate effectively using the most powerful and emotional medium, which uses the same kind of elements than the TV-ad.

Especially as to the persuasion power, the video marketing is the most effective medium.

1. The Visitor Builds The First Impression About The Internet Home Business Site In Seconds.

Surfers are busy people, jumping from site to site. First they will see the copy on the result page, then they`ll click the link and land on the home page. Now the home page must respond their needs and has to fascinate the visitor immediately. The process goes from attention to interest to desire and finally to action.

Something special is needed to draw the attention of the visitor at first glance. The video marketing is a great concept to attract the visitor so much that he is willing to stay a little bit longer. At the same time the video will build up a strong emotional relationship with the internet home business visitor.

2. When A First Impression Is Emotional, It Is The Strongest One.

TV is very emotional medium and this is the reason, why TV-advertising has always been the strongest one. It can create a huge emotional effect. When the internet home business will use the video marketing, it can reach the same impact than TV. Video can be in the main role, when a visitor has landed on the home page.

The key is the first impression or the first handshake and if that is successful the impact can continue for years. The video must be on a visible place, so that it works as an eye-catcher. Despite of the fact that the video is effective, it is not recommended to use over 2 minutes videos.

3. The Video Marketing Is A Brand Builder.

Tha target brand image of the internet home business, which the video communicates, must be thought to the last detail. A video can be a badwill, if it gives an amateurish and unreliable picture and this is the reason, why it is so important to use a professionally made video.

4. The Video Marketing Needs Only One Promise.

The video marketing can use only one benefit or one promise, concerning the internet home business. The content can represent the ideal mix between the convincing and emotional content.

The keypoints can be demonstrated by graphics and by repeating them regularly.

5 The Video Marketing Needs A Good Brief.

It is important to go through the key points during the brief process of the internet home business video production or selection. What is the target, why the video is needed, the target group, the promise, the tone of voice and the style, how to convince the target group and finally the length and the budget.

The video marketing is the hottest hot topic, as YouTube has showed, and can be splendedly used in the internet home business. It is a great tool to increase the effectiveness of the marketing, the conversion rate and to make the visitor relationship more emotional.

Juhani Tontti, B. Sc. , Marketing. Got Interested! Find One Video Marketing Example From My Internet Home Business Site. Click HERE!


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