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Notice I am talking about targeted traffic in the title. It is my observation that many webmasters fail to grasp this, otherwise these spammy type “1 million visitors in 24 hours" vendors would not exist. The fact remains that a large number like 1 million visitors can seduce one into thinking “surely there will be some action happening with that sort of bandwidth drain!" Sorry, save your capital for better things.

It is an easy mistake to make. Unfortunately it is a complete and utter waste of time. Getting even 1 million random surfers to visit your site would look great in your stats, however if there was even a single dollar earned you would have to consider yourself lucky.

The upside is quite unexpected. You only need a handful of targeted visitors per day to make the dollar flood gates open up. Of course 100 or 200 or even 2000 per day would be of gigantic interest, but even a handful should see you making money every day providing they are consistent.

But let me qualify what targeted means. I think it is this small facet that escapes many webmasters and therefore they succumb to the “scatter gun" method of trying to find buyers. This small idea, is the linch pin of success or failure because lets face it, we are only going to do this so long before we give up if we don't get acceptable results. For some it might be a few months but for others it might be years. The point I am making is everyone has a cut off point where a lack of results will eventually wear on the sensibilities until finally the inevitable day comes when it is time to face the dream and call it a mistake.

This small concept, this little almost camouflaged idea can be the quantum difference between long term agony and frustration and immediate and rapid satisfaction. Cash. Earnings. Lets not get carried away, it's not the money that matters, it's the possibility of a bright and comfortable future.

Now that I have given it the rounding it deserves, we can look at this idea in sharp relief. Most people, when you say targeted traffic think “interest" Fair point, there must be interest in the visitor to translate into a sale. However, the real essence to your immediate and rapid success is time AND interest

Getting a random visitor to your site, you may imagine that many would probably have interest, even strong interest in your page and the offer it provides. I can tell you unequivically that this is absolutely true. I can tell you this because I can easily observe my own behaviour while searching for something online. If I behave a certain way, I can conclude with some remote possibility that a large proportion of others will probably act in the same way.

I can tell you I stumble accross many things that interest me as I'm looking for something. I'm usually trying to solve a problem by getting some information. I have little time to get distracted because my urge to relieve this problem is strong enough to make me want to wade through the internet and try and find what I'm looking for.

The more urgent and important my search is, the longer I am prepared to withstand the ravages of irrelevance as one page after another is quickly discarded after being scanned for the information I am looking for. Occassionally, I may read indepth, even though I am still looking for the original item, I will linger, sort of resting I guess. Fed up with looking, I dwell a little before I resume my search.

The point is I need it now. If not now then when? The need is present now and there is no need to defer the search. Have you ever searched for something and then re-scheduled the search for another time? No, most likely you either found what you were looking for or you gave up entirely or you settled for something that wasn't quite it.

Timing is everything. So if you were there with your widget waiting under the search terms I thought of entering, we may have done business.

There is another mode of searching which is when we surf. But this mode is the least fruitful. If you have traffic already to your website and you are getting a very small sales conversion, this is why. Targeted traffic converts at 1/10 but you might be seeing 1/100 or more, that is because 60% of the time, traffic is shiftlessly drifting, looking for nothing in particular and even if something of interest, even great interest, is discovered, (your sales materials) a sale is very unlikely to transpire in normal circumstances because we are in a deductive mode. A majority of searchers, a majority of the time, are often just snooping around or surfing the net.

It is this element of timing that offers very high conversion rates. If you could find a handful of these types of searchers every day, you would easily be earning daily.

So to define this little facet for you I will say this. A targeted visitor is a searcher with an immediate need that has a specific result in mind. This searcher uses typically certain keywords. (Keywords you must uncover) Finally, you have to find a way to be there infront of them, when they make their search.

I hope this puts a little perspective your way. You make a career one sale at a time. You build a business, one targeted customer at a time.

Martin Thomas made his money in real estate. He knew little about internet marketing a few years ago. Today he runs several successful enterprises online which total up to provide an excellent income. Martin provides a resource for dynamic and savvy individuals who can smell a good information vein when they sense it. Don't let the commerciality of the brand-name deceive, “The ProfitBrat!" is a heavy duty resource for big hitters. click here to read more.


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