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So you have built a website and now you want to get people to visit your site. . . after all a site with no visitors is not worth the work put in. In this article we will talk about two different ways on getting traffic (visitors) to your brand new, super duper, web page.

One form of promotion I would suggest is to write a press release. There are many free press release services on the Internet that will distribute your press release for you. The better the press release, the more coverage you are likely to get. To write a good press release follow my guidelines below

  • Start with an attention grabbing headline

  • Write a short paragraph to entice the audience to read on

  • Write your main information aimed towards the media, this is not a sales pitch. Press releases using you, me, I, will likely be refused. Facts are all they want to read, not assumptions.

  • Beware of jargon and avoid using the exclamation mark where possible

  • Integrate your web address into the press release where possible

  • Use your end paragraph as a short description about your company, products, services and company history. This is called a boiler plate.

    Another form of promotion is writing articles, I know you are probably thinking what does this have to do with promotion and marketing. You will be surprised to learn that writing articles is one of the best ways of gaining free site promotion and also gain credibility in your business area. Take this article you are reading now, I have wrote this article and submitted it to a free article site. Anyone can view my articles at ezinearticles and f they like it they can publish it to their website. By publishing it they have agreed to include my biography, or signature as it is sometimes known, this is the small paragraph at the bottom about myself, the author. Within the biography you will include a link to your own web site, so the more people that publish your articles the more free advertising you are getting. To write a good article follow my guidelines below

  • Only use original content, do not copy someone else’s work and pass it of as your own

  • Do not use promotional information in your article, this is an article not a press release or sales pitch

  • If you’re selling products as an affiliate you cannot use your affiliate link in an article

    So there you have it, two great forms of free promotion!

    Guy Marlow is the creator of a experiment in Internet Marketing

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