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1. Discover a USP and Aggressively Use It: Unique selling proposition or USP is what your company does that distinguishes it from the competition. It could be something like service, product quality, price, delivery or any other factor that makes customers take notice. You are on the right track in developing a USP if the USP invokes a ‘how do you do that?’ response.

For example stating you ‘sell car care products to the car enthusiasts’ isn’t likely to get much of a response. But saying something like “We sell a total car care experience’; it’s bound to pique people’s interest. Ask your website promotion company to use your USP as much possible.

From the web perspective, online users are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages every time they log on. Showing them something different is a nice change.

2. Make Your Site Easy to Navigate: Nothing frustrates users more than having to scan up and down and side to side of a page to find the information they’re looking for. Use reader-friendly fonts, headings and subheadings to guide the reader through your site.

3. Use Professional Copywriters: It’s staggering to know minute changes in a headline or web content can skyrocket response rates by over 100%! Don’t write your own copy. You may unintentionally write something that confuses or turns away your customers. The way they show you this is they don’t buy. Stick with a professional.

4. Use Links and Reciprocal Link Programs: Links and reciprocal links are great ways to introduce qualified traffic to your site. Use them as part of your website promotion campaign. They can also help you set up mutually beneficial affiliate partners.

5. Domain Name Selection: Use a domain name that is rich in keywords. If you need to, use dashes (-) or numbers to differentiate your URL. Don’t fall for the myth that nobody will remember your URL name. Research shows most URL click-thru’s are a result of search engine results or other links.

6. Robust Hosting Services: Find a good hosting service to cater for all your hosting needs. There are many companies around offering various packages. Look for one that has solid hosting plus additional website promotion services integrated with its main services.

If a hosting company is strongly linked with a website promotion company, then you have found a rare online gem. Having your hosting and website promotion coming out of a central location gives you great efficiency easier management of your website.

7. Use a 1 Stop Shop Provider: A company that can perform all of these services for you and offer written results guarantees is a company worth partnering with. Focus on your business and work closely with a website promotion firm that can take charge of your marketing functions and host your site simultaneously.

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Handy Hints To Get Your Website Ranked On Search Engines
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