Spyware Awareness in Today's Environment


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Computer users are quickly learning of the newest and most widespread threat facing internet use. Spyware has spread to more than 90 percent of computers surprising users who are unaware of the threats and forcing them to find a solution to the privacy invasions.

Spyware programs run on users’ computer without their knowledge. They monitor and record the web sites you visit, purchases you make, outgoing and incoming emails, chat messages and some types of spyware are capable of logging your credit card numbers, bank accounts, personal identification numbers, passwords and more.

Dial-up internet users are at risk of being hijacked by a dialer. Dialers use your internet connection to call 900 numbers and remote areas, billing the fees to you. A spyware infection can take control of your computer system and browser which could result in file damage. The build up of spyware on your computer will cause the system to slow and internet to drag more because of the constant stream of pop up ads.

Users should understand that while it is good to have anti-virus and firewall protection, those security tools cannot detect all spyware applications, which is why a program specifically for spyware detection is needed in addition to other security software. Identity theft in the nation is also on a rise and many of the cases are a result of spyware.

Another factor contributing to a noticeably slower running computer could be adware programs. Working similar to spyware, adware puts pop up ads on your computer repetitively and over time the side effects can cause damage to your computer.

Numerous spyware and adware removal programs can be downloaded, many of which are free, to rid of your malware infestations.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for http://www.1st-in-remove-spyware.com/ , a site that focuses primarily on spyware detection software, as well as tips on how to avoid spyware from popping up on your computer. His articles have also been featured on related spyware sites such as, http://www.best-in-spyware-detection.com/ as well as http://www.best-sypware-removal-reviews.com/


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