Battling Spyware Threats


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Surpassing viruses as the number one internet threat is spyware which can install itself in your computer and monitor your usage as well as record private information. Though the threats of spyware are endless, there are several measures you can take to guard your computer and personal information from being hijacked by spyware.

Spyware is able to get into your system by several methods, one being with downloads you select off the internet. Music, game and other file sharing programs commonly contain spyware that is downloaded in your computer upon your approval to download the main program. Many other types of freeware and screen saver or other image downloads are linked to spyware as well.

Reading the user license agreement will tell you if a particular download will have spyware tagging along. Many users do not read through the agreement, rather they check to agree to the terms and unknowingly have spyware installed. When downloading freeware, music and game programs cancel the installation if you notice any third party software, see ad supported material or are asked to agree to more than one license agreement as they are all signs that spyware and annoying pop ups will occur after the download is complete.

Checking for and performing updates from your software provider regularly will help a great deal in avoiding a privacy invasion. Continue running your anti-virus software but also invest in or use the free spyware tools. Free spyware tools scan your computer and rid of current infections, however those applications can usually re-infect shortly after being removed. For preventative protection purchase well proven spyware software or find free tools that will provide sufficient protection.

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