Solving a Spyware Intrusion


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Spyware is a frequently occurring problem for all internet users today and its threats continue to multiply. When you download freeware, shareware or other types of file sharing software you are usually also allowing in spyware applications.

Whether it is adware, malware, Trojans or pop up ads spyware is following and recording your personal and usage information then sending it out to intruders. Even with highly secure firewalls or anti-virus programs your system is vulnerable to spyware because it sneaks past these securities by piggybacking on downloads you authorize.

Once in your system spyware will slow the rate at which your computer works, making it difficult to use as the infection grows and continues to run. Your browser or even your entire system will crash because spyware is running. This can ruin important information and the computer system.

Spyware monitors and records your usage and internet browsing habits then relays the information to the intruder. Some forms are capable of hijacking your credit card, social security number and password information.

If the intruder does not directly utilize the information stolen they will usually sell it to other individuals or companies that will use the information at their discretion. To get rid of this malicious software and avoid more serious infections Lavasoft has a spyware tool that scans for a variety of types of spyware.

Lavasoft has spyware tools in several different forms to be used on personal and commercial or company computers. The software can detect and effectively fix or remove spyware infections to restore your computer’s functioning capabilities and your privacy. Lavasoft’s spyware tools have become some of the most popularly used and proven to be highly effective for all types of computer users.

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