Is Your Information Protected Online or Are You At Risk?


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This question comes up more and more frequently and when the news is about hackers compromising hundreds of thouands of users on a network system it has to be a concern.

We are concerned about our privacy but we leave the computers on twenty four hours a day since we are on the fast speed dialups. And, what about having your banking information online and only protected by passwords. I am sure that you have read about the FDIC making new rules for the banks, well hurray for them.

Of course, we can not blame the banks or the businesses for lack of knowing what to do, when the technology and the Internet applications change so rapidly. Do you remember a time when we did not even know what www stood for or .com?

I am still amazed at how our world has changed with the advent of the information super highway. Technology overload, information overload, and of course bringing along the guys who are always looking for a fast buck without having to work for it.

Another question, have you been getting all of those emails that are asking you to be a business partner with them and allow them to put 10 percent of every transaction into your bank account? Well, that is if you have any money after they get your information.

Here is something that occurs to me very frequently, so beware if it hasn't to you yet. frequently has people not from their company of course, emailing me regarding my having added an email to my account and please verify my account information. Or better yet, they ask you for your information so that you can add a credit card to your account. Be very careful with any of those emails and do not respond to any of them. I send them to so that theycan investigate the spammers.

Now one more question, what about your health information. Are you familiar with the term HIPPA? It is a health care privacy act that is now in effect and all health care providers have to follow the security issues or be faced with stiff penalities and heavy fines. So, not only is the banking industry and the health care industry becoming high risk for doing business online so are the online businesses.

Is this all gloom and doom? Absolutely not. It is as with any new change there are related issues that have to be addressed. And, the technology IT programmers and whiz kids are definitely getting on top of the concerns and finding new ways for protection.

The Internet has changed our lives just as the telephone and television made an impact on the older generations. Can you imagine what the people in the 1920's have gone thru all of the technology developments? And, it seems that we will be continuing ourselves. It is hard to imagine that there can be anymore types of dramatic technologies to come but I am sure that it is just around the corner.

So, let's just keep on moving and improving and protecting our businesses and personal information as best as can until they get it figured out. And, they will and it will change very soon. That is one thing about technology one replaces the other very fast and some become obsolete as well. Just think about the outdated ones that have been replaced or soon will be (vcr tapes, cassettes, fax machines, beepers, etc) and you can remember a whole lot more.

About the Author Judy LaMont, R. N. MA. Sec Ed. is an Internet Consultant who shows Entrepreneurs how start their online home-based businesses in very easy simple steps. She resides in Orlando, Fl. and is well known for her Internet knowledge and dedication to helping people. Judy can be reached at or read her blog at or call her at 407-832-1996.


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