How To Secure Your Laptop


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Laptops are quite expensive, hence the risk of being stolen. Laptops are smaller, easy to travel with, because of these, its patronage is on the increase. Laptops because of their new processing power is a delight of most companies today.

How Do I Secure My Laptop

Laptops these days contain vital data and are greatly used for remote data access. Its security should be top priority to all users. There are three aspects to consider in securing your laptop.

  • Physical Security.
  • Security Software.
  • Security Consciousness.

Physical Security

Physical security involves physical barriers put in place to inhibit access to where your laptop is kept.

Such barriers, hinder the following circumstances;

  • Theft of your laptop.
  • Damage to your laptop.
  • Theft of information on your laptop.
  • Using your laptop to commit fraudulent activities.

The physical barriers should have the following features;

  • The ability to properly lock the entrance to where your laptop is kept.
  • An alarm system should be in place to notify you in case of a break in.
  • An inbuilt security camera (cctv) should be placed where your laptop is kept. This is to monitor your laptop.
  • All windows or doors must be screened to prevent prying eyes from seeing expensive information assets such as your laptop.
  • The ability to fasten the laptop to a non-moveable object. This is stopping a thief from carrying the laptop away.
  • The ability to trigger snap shots in case of a break in. These snap shots are directly targeted at the laptop.

Security Software

Access to your laptop can also be prevented using security software.

This security software prevents access to your desktop. It ensures that only the owner of the laptop has access to using the applications on the laptop.

Features of a Security Software

  • It must prompt the user, to enter a user name and a password.
  • The ability to generate audit report such as successful logins, failed logins should be an essential feature.
  • The user should be able to lock the screen when not in use.
  • Optional but also essential, the software should have the ability to beep when the screen is tampered with.

Security Consciousness

After all said and done, without security consciousness on the part of the user or laptop owner, every control put in place to deter access to the laptop would be futile.

Security Consciousness Tips

  • Always lock the door to your office.
  • Always carry your laptop with you.
  • If not in use put it in a safe and lock it.
  • Make sure when nature calls you activate the screen lock and all access doors to your office are locked.
  • Always keep your laptop locked in a box and in the boot of your car when driving.
  • Do not use your laptop in overcrowded places.
  • All the necessary details about your laptop must be written and stored in a safe place i. e. serial number, brand name, model e. t. c.
  • Insure your laptop against loss, such as damage, fire e. t. c.


Laptop security is an ongoing process. The need for regular information on laptop security is vital. The more informed you are on laptop security, the less vulnerable is your laptop to theft or damage.

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Christopher Okoh
Computer Security & Network Associates.
He has written over 100 computer security articles. He also writes for computer security magazines and newspapers. I'm always happy to take on a writing job on security.


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Laptop Care: How to Protect Your Laptop When Traveling
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