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Employing People is a Risky Process


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Not enough time and effort is spent in learning more about the person you are considering employing in your company. Think about the amount of damage that could be done to your business by a person that wanted to harm you. Only by carefully and thoroughly reviewing the possible candidate should you make an offer to let them into your business.


Even if the employer is not intentionally trying to damage your business they might still damage your business because they do not know how to do their job properly. A few mistakes in orders or processes can cost you in rework time and wasted products in itself. Then there is the time spent training and retraining the employee after each mistake. How many mistakes can an employee make before they can be terminated. This is a tough decision and can only be made with all the right information at hand. A single case of unlawful or unfair termination will bring further costs and negative reputation to your business.

Carefully ask detailed questions to test the candidates actual knowledge and skills to perform the job

Information theft

When you employ a person you give them access to your business information and storage areas without a second thought. This is handled by company policies and practices. The damage done by your competitor getting this information could bring your business to its end or at best give them competitive advantage so that you lose valuable market share quickly. All its takes is for the new employee to collect some critical documents and walk across to the competitor and the damage is done.

You need to have an Information Security plan to control and monitor who has access to what valuable information and then spend the required amount to protect it correctly.

Workplace Violence

Businesses are now being held accountable for the actions of their employees when other employees are harassed or bullied at work. The violence does not have to be physical for large sums of compensation to be paid out by the business. Employing new employees you need to assess their work history and look for indicators of poor stress management, rumors of bullying or threatening actions to their employees. A large category of workplace violence is caused by domestic relationships breaking down and a partner coming to the workplace to take action.

Identity Theft

The resume checks out and all references give excellent praises of the candidate. Only problem is that the person that attended the interview is not the person in the resume. In my experience many employers never question or ask you to prove who you are at the interview. Even you probably have employed a person based on the fact that the resume lists all their personal details about them. Keeping in mind that resumes are constructed entirely by the candidate themselves and holds no accuracy or authentication.

Can someone identify the person by a photograph or have you physically checked that they do live at that address. Do you require drivers licenses be shown for all positions. What about putting in a 100 point identification check similar to banks.

After all, your business is worth the protection against people like this.

About the author":

Having protected a wide range of clients over Australia in the last 20 years as a specialist security professional I have developed extensive experience in corporate security, investigations, executive protection and risk management strategies.

Combined with my military service I protect those clients that want the best security service.

Mr. Paul Baker
Manager Corcom Security Services
(03) 9642 0599

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Qualifications in Security Risk management, investigations, and executive protection.

Instrumental in preventing or reducing crime statistics across a wide range of industries with practical experience learnt from the front lines of security over twenty years of service.

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