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3 Tips To Remove Spyware From Your Computer For Free


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Your computer is the portal to the Internet. It allows you to speak to friends via email or instant messenger, to play games on or even to educate you or your children. However your computer is at risk the minute you browse on the Internet. All kinds of nasty files from spyware, adware, malware to computer viruses which are lurking to attack your computer, all without your knowledge. I am going to give you three easy to follow tips that will enable you to repel and remove spyware infections from your computer.

Tip No.1 - My first tip is to practice safe browsing techniques. This sounds obvious, although it is tempting to visit those sites that offer downloads and goodies for free. Most of the time they come with a price, infected files within the download itself.

So to prevent spyware files from being downloaded onto your computer in the first place, do only download legitimate files or programs from safe and trusted websites. If you are unsure then ensure you have the latest browser installed on your computer. Preferably you should be using Firefox as this can warn you if you are visiting a potentially ‘dodgy’ website.

Tip No.2 - You should ensure that you have an anti-spyware program that has an online guard contained within. Anti-spyware programs that remove spyware are great at removing infections, but that is all they can do remove after the infections has occurred.

The best way to combat spyware is to limit the amount of infectious files that will be able to infiltrate your computer. As this article is to help you remove spyware for free, then I can recommend two products at the time of writing this. The first program is Spyware Doctor. The free version does have a decent online guard. [The paid for version is slightly better, but the free version is a very good product in its own right]. The second program is Spyware Terminator. You will only need one of them not both.

Tip No.3 - My final tip is to run a regular scan of your computer with whatever anti-spyware program you use. Ensure that you also regularly update your anti-spyware program for the latest file definitions so the anti-spyware program can find the latest spyware that is released to attack your computer.

How regular you run your anti-spyware program is based on how much you use your computer. Once a week is fine if you use your computer frequently but to not to excess. Personally I run a scan every 2 days as I do use my computer every day. My computer is pretty clean.

Unless you are using a Macintosh or Linux based machine, it is near impossible to stop spyware from infecting your computer. However, by following the above tips you can reduce the amount of infectious spyware files get through your computer defences and cause you too much havoc.

Want to discover more tips and secrets that can speed up and protect your computer for free? Then check out my online blog at

John French has been breaking, repairing and building computers for over 15 years. He has expertise in computer security and maintaining a healthy computer.


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