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How Installing A Security System Can Protect You And Reduce Your Insurance Fees


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If you take a look at your home and asses which areas are the most vulnerable the majority of people would come back with an answer of the windows and doors. This is where you will be broken into if you are burgled and that is why is so important that you make sure your doors and windows are secured. Gone are the days when you could leave your windows and doors open and go to work all day and not have to worry. There are many ways that you can make your windows and doors more secure of which we will highlight in this article.

Doors are much easier to protect than the windows, most homes will have a good solid front door and you would not find many intruders attempting to gain entry through the front door of your house. Usually the front door is the most secure door within the house, a good deadlock bolt and good quality Yale style lock and deadlock will ensure your front door is secure. It is amazing how many people then neglects the doors to the rear of the house; these are the ones that are more likely to be used to gain access. Often the back door to the home can be a glass paneled door with less than adequate locks or bolts. The back door however is not the most vulnerable door in the house, patio doors or sliding doors offer the biggest risk to a breach in your security, this style of door can easily be taken off the rails and access gained.

How then can you improve the access points and ensure you are safer in your home. There are a few simple checks and improvements that you can make to try to increase the security of your doors. As discussed make sure you have some very good locking devices on the doors, good quality locks with the trusted security standards are essential. There are many products on the market that will provide security to stop a sliding door being removed. If your glass is not reinforced then a good idea would be to replace the glass with reinforced/toughened glass, couple all of this with a good alarm system that is hooked up to each of the external doors and this will go along way to improving your home door security.

The windows in your property will also need to be properly secured; an intruder will have no issues with removing a window from the frame if they do not have proper security measures imposed. As per the glass paneled doors you should be sure to have a good quality toughened glass in place to stop the windows being broken. Have window locks fitted; there are many different security products on the market that will provide the additional security such as sliding window locks that provide a bolt into the adjoining wall or frame. Very popular window locks are the sliding window latch or traditional latch; these are easy to fit and are cheap to buy. The locks will help to prevent the opportunist intruder trying to gain access to your property.

Another real bonus in getting the security of your doors and windows right is that it can help to bring your insurance premiums down. Many insurance companies when you take out your home and content insurance will ask you about your home security measures. The more security measures that you have implemented in your home the lower your insurance policy will be. In the long term you are not only improving your peace of mind and living in a secure environment but you are also saving yourself money.

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