Home Security-Three Fast Steps to Burglar Proof Your Home Today!

Jack Krohn

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Burglaries are on the rise. Home invasions are on the rise. Lock bumping is the latest craze for would be burglars making it so simple to get into your house. The value of your home possessions keeps going up as you get more and more of them.

The Bureau of Justice reports that:

  • Nearly one out of six homes was violated by a burglar.

  • Three fourths of all crime was property related.

  • In nearly 90% of all burglaries, the burglar gained entry into the house or other building.

    Property crime occurs every 3 seconds, a home burglary every 15 seconds.

    That's the bad news. The enormously good news is that almost any expert in the field will tell you that 90%-that's right 90% of all burglaries can be prevented.

    So what can you do to burglar proof your home?

    Let's look at three fast and simple things you can do to make your home more burglar proof.

    1. LOCK DOORS AND WINDOWS It doesn't matter if you are

    HOME OR AWAY get in the habit of locking yourself and your family

    in. Consider window grates-items that are visible from the exterior of the

    house will not only act as a deterrent but slow down an intruder should he

    decide to try to enter.

    2. GET SOME SIGNAGE an NRA sticker; “Vicious Guard Dog on Duty";

    "These premises protected by…. " You get the idea. It is your way of telling

    potential burglars to stay away from your house.

    3. LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE and your yard with motion activated spots.

    The “look" of your house is very important to a burglar too. If you take steps to make the residence “unattractive" to a burglar chances are pretty good he will pass your residence and choose someone more vulnerable. Follow these tips and you will be miles ahead of the game by making your home more burglar proof.

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