Shopping Online Can Be Safe


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You can shop online in a safe way, and save money too.

For those hard to find items or very busy shoppers, online shopping is ideal. You can simply find the item you are looking for without going through store after store. A lot of sites, like a popular auction one, are quite addicting. You can find really good deals without having to leave your house.

I am sometimes surprised at how many people I meet that are scared of purchasing things via the internet. I understand, after all you are simply sending your information out into the unknown.

But if you are shopping wisely, you will find that the Internet is often safer than using your credit card to buy gasoline. After all, do you know the clerk that now has a copy of your card number and expiration date?

Here are a few tips for shopping safely online:

1. You need to download the most recent version of your Internet browser. This will give you the latest encryption capabilities to protect your information that is transmitted over the web.

2. The padlock icon on the status bar at the bottom of your browser window will tell you that a site is secure.

3. Only shop from secure sites.

4. An “s" is added to http (https) that shows that the site is on a secure server.

5. Before you submit any information to a site, make sure you read the privacy policy. Don't just click “I agree". Read it.

6. Don't provide your information unless you know who it is, why you need to provide it and how it will be used. Don't give it to anyone who contacts you. When in doubt, pick up the phone and call the company. If you feel safer shopping online but paying by phone, go ahead. It takes a bit longer, but you will feel better.

7. Don't use your debit card for Internet purchases. For those of you without a credit card (you shouldn't be using one anyway), you can use Paypal to pay for things at many sites. Or call and pay by telephone.

8. Make sure that you review your credit card and bank statements each month for any fraudulent charges. If you notice anything funny, contact the bank or credit company immediately.

9. Clean your computer with spyware detection and virus protection regularly. A firewall will protect your computer from spyware.

The majority of identity theft and fraud are not found on the internet. After all, all a thief has to do to get your account numbers is to pick up your mail or go through your trash. Many will simply break into your home and take your financial files. The internet is a good place to shop for good bargains. If you are wise and pay attention to who you purchase from, you should have no problems. Good luck.

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