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Expect Wide Options with Or and Less Options with And


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I will consider a search engines’ Website as the grocery store of the Net. It is not hard to find many different sites about the same topic when you use search engines. However, it is also one of the easiest ways to get frustrated using the Web. A big collection of retrieved and indexed Web documents from the large database of search engines. It is just as difficult to figure out what search engine to use and how to use it as it is to figure out the best method to search.

Automatic machines or spiders are used in search engines for gathering information from Websites. A robot is used by the search engine to crawl the site and all its links while recording the text of each Web document. Finding things with a search engine is often done by headword or idea. It is easy to search using keywords but it can give you a long list of results including those that will not be of help. By typing the word football, you can find the football schedule of your favorite college team.

A drawback is that results will include not only listings of several different football teams but everything else about football, even those you do not need. Broad searches will mean a longer time to locate exactly what you are looking for. Results may yield either a large list of sites or a list of categories containing a list of sites. It may take you a long time weeding through the site listing for the most suitable site for your search as it has a tendency to be cumbersome. In generating a list of other similar sites in a more efficient way, categories play a major role. A lot of search engines allow you to put together words during a search using boolean operators. Relation between words or group of words may be expressed using Boolean operators. ‘And’ and ‘or’ are the most common among the different operators used in searches.

If you want your search to include all the terms you have specified, use ‘and’. This will trim down a search. ‘Or’ is used if you want at least one of the terms to appear in the document. Using the ‘or’ operator means you might find one or both terms in the document thereby giving you a broader search. Among the search engines on the Web, yahoo is one of the most frequently visited. It will not be difficult even for new users to find their way through this Website despite its simplistic approach. Google is a search engine devised by two individuals at Stanford University.

The result of your search will be displayed seconds after typing in your keywords. I was once told by a friend that altavista deals more with businesses than persons. That sounds more like an opinion than a fact but it is indeed a good site. The resultant list shown in this site includes the number of keyword matches and the list of Websites with a short description. Translating the language of the resultant Website is possible in this site.

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Rich Options Trading and Poor Options Trading
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