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Google Adwords Prospectus


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Nowadays the advertising sector takes a big role on Internet. In the near future internet will be the biggest channel of the advertising world. When we say Internet advertising, Google is an advertisement market on its own. Google Adwords are the most frequent ads of Internet. There are two main reasons why Google Adwords are so much popular and effective.

First one Google is the number one search engine of the world and it is the number one trademark of the world. Hundreds millions of people use the Google seach engine every day on all over the world. In the course of this utilization they see Google Adwords, Pay Per Click advertising program of Google which is the biggest and most important example of Online Advertising, under the sponsored links. This is the search network of Google ads.

Second one is the huge content network of Google. Hundreds of thousands websites publish Google ads on Internet. This big network contains websites from every sector and every field. While Adwords ads are displayed as only text ads on search network, the ads are displayed as textual, banner or video ads on the content network. Google Adwords is cheaper than other ad channels and it is also measurable. It has the highest ROI (Return of Invesment) in all advertisement channels. Google Adwords is the advertisement channel of the near future.

We should be ready to see this fact: Google Adwords will be the biggest and the most valuable ad channel of the near future.

Inside Adwords: Adwords ads take place on the left hand side of Google results page and sometimes on the top by the name of Sponsored Links.

Adwords working mechanism: - While creating your Adwords Campaign, your ads, keywords and bids are formed. - Search queries that are matched with your keywords trigger your ads and your ads are displayed on Google. - You only pay when your ad is clicked. There is no cost for impressions on Google and its search partner sites. This is why it is called as PPC Advertising.

Adwords finds your target potential customers: - The obtained keyword list with the right keyword analysis canalizes your target potential customers to you. - You can display your ads in any country, region, city or a specific area. You can choose any language(s). Please note that Google does not translate your ads into the language you choose. - You can make a choice according to age and gender (demography) for more specific target potential customers. - Your ads can be displayed on any website on Google Content Network and also you can use placements for the specific websites that you want to display your ads. You can even choose the sections of those websites which suit your needs most in placement targeting.

Google Adwords Advantages: - Its performance, revenue, cost, and conversion are measurable. - Detailed location targeting is available. Country, region, city, local targeting. - Language targeting. - Scheduling is available. You can adjust your publication hours and days as you wish. - You can set your daily and monthly budget as you wish and you are able to change your budget whenever you want. - Adwords does not exceed your daily budget that you specified. Adwords adjusts the delivery frequency of your ads according to your daily budget and the clicks that you get within the day. - You can only reach your target group. Except this target group, no one can see your ads. - There is a fair competition and because of this Google Adwords platform is a very dynamic platform. This dynamic structure keeps Google Adwords live. - You can make your payments via credit card or EFT. - Performance tracking of your Adwords campaigns can be made at anytime. While your ads are active, you can make necessary optimizations always to make your campaign performance better, to minimize the costs and to maximize the ROI (Return of Investment). - You can create many reports of statistical data. Search Query reports, campaign reports, ad group reports, ads reports, keywords reports, account reports, placement reports, and so on. You can find your conversion ratio, conversions, ROI, advertising costs with these reports. - Google Adwords platform is the best ads program platform on Internet where its optimization is made for a better return of investment.

Why Google Adwords? - Your website is on the first page or the first two pages (in top 20) on Google. You do still need to use Adwords to earn more. The most important thing is your target potential customers should see you on the first page on Google while they’re performing many search queries which are matched to your service/product in anyway. - People don’t use only Google. In this phase, Google Content Network is playing a huge role. You can show your ads on thousands of websites or any of them that you want on Google Content Network.

Optimization: - Adwords Campaign Optimization is a must for much better results. You can bring down your Adwords costs to the most feasible minimum level, you can maximize your Adwords ROI, you can get more valuable clicks with the same Adwords budget through only Optimization.

Google Adwords Consulting: If you want to get the best performance and the return of investment from Google Adwords, you should work with qualified specialists who have Google Adwords certificates. There are Google Adwords companies out there where these qualified specialists are working. Google ads program needs speciality, experience, and time. Because optimization process is carried out here. It will be a profitable decision for your business to let the Google Adwords qualified specialist to manage your campaigns of the world number one ads on Internet.

Advantages of Google Adwords Consulting: - Getting maximum return of investment with minimum cost. - No stress no time loss. Specialists make the whole management. If any problem occurs, they can contact with Google Support Center. - Getting valuable suggestions from specialists to have more successful campaigns. - A professional display of your Google ads.

Pay attention to these points about Google Adwords Consulting: - Check their qualified Google Adwords certificate. Be careful of fake certificates. - Be careful of ready Google Adwords packages. - Be careful of eye-catching Google Adwords promotions. Those promotions can be a money trap. - Do not use a different control panel for your Google Adwords account. Use the Google’s own Adwords control panel. - None of qualified Google Adwords companies receive a profit share from Google company. Moreover they can’t get. The only thing they can get is the consulting commission from the Google advertiser.

The Most FAQ while using Google Adwords:

Q: Why do I encounter credit card decline problems?

A: Your credit card should be one of Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, JCB cards. Your credit card should be available for international use and internet use. Your credit card’s approval system should be off. Your credit card should have the available limit for use. You can check these info by contacting with your bank customer representative. If everything is okay and you stil have the problem, then you should contact with Google Adwords Support Team via email.

Q: Why don’t my ads appear on Google?

A: There can be many reasons for this problem. Be sure that you haven’t had a penalty issue with Google before. Be sure that your campaigns and ads comply with Google Advertising Policies. Be sure that your credit card or payment is approved by Google. You can use the Ads Diagnostic Tool to find out the reason for your ads appearance problem. If you stil can’t find out, you should contact with Google Adwords Support Team via email.

Q: I can’t optimize my campaigns and my performance is quite bad. Low ROI and high CPC values. How can I solve this problem?

A: There are two ways to solve this problem. Once hiring a qualified Google Adwords professional and work with a qualified Adwords consulting company. OR you should learn how to optimize your campaigns by yourself. To do this, the best initial resource is Adwords Learning Center. Chapter 6 - Optimizing Ad Performance.

Q: How can I contact with Google Adwords team by phone?

A: You can’t contact with Google Adwords team by phone unless you’re a qualified Google Adwords professional/company. You can email to Adwords Support Team and you may want to look at Adwords Help Center and Google Adwords Help Forum.

Written by: 911 Adwords


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