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How to Get Listed on Google in Two Days


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You can get listed on Google in two days, if you know how and luck is riding with you. In spite of what many might try to tell you, Google included, it is not difficult to get a quick listing of a new website within a couple of days. I recently got a nasty email from somebody who read one of my articles, and claimed it was impossible to get listed in less than 2 - 4 weeks. You know his reason? Google told him!

It's guys like that who will never get anywhere online because they are unwilling to try stuff for themselves. They believe what they are told, and that is it. Nothing else can be possible, other than what they are told by others. I didn't believe what I was told, which is how I found out how to get listed in less than 2 days. I now know of others that get listed in less than a day.

There are several ways to achieve that, and here are one or two that I have personally used:

1. Writing articles.

Write an article about your niche, and then include a link to a page on your website that you want listed. Google lists pages, and not whole domains, so you can write one article about every page on your site if you want them all listed! Now submit your article to a popular directory such as Buzzle, EzineArticles or Article Dashboard. Once Google spiders one of these directories, your link will be picked up, and if your content is not duplicate you will be listed.

Google might claim you cannot appear on their SERPs in less than two weeks, but that is not so. I have been listed in under two days, and others I know have picked up their pages on Google in less than a day after submitting their articles. A lot is luck: if your article is published just as the directory is being spidered, then your URL will be picked up.

2. Blog Postings

If you have a blog that is listed on Google, then all you need do is to post the URL of your new site on your blog. Next time your blog is crawled the spider will follow your link and if your site is good enough then it will be listed. If you catch it at the right time, you could be listed same day as you made your blog post. If you don't have a blog, ask a friend to allow you to put your website URL on their blog until you are listed. Then you can remove it.

3. Blog Comments

Make a comment to a popular blog, and include your URL. That might just stay live long enough for you to get noticed by a spider. If the blog does not allow links with their comments yours might just stay there long enough.

4. Ezine Submission

This might take a little longer due to the approval procedure, but you can submit an advert or even an article to an ezine pertaining to your niche. Ezines are spidered by search engines, and when they are your URL will be followed, leading to a potential listing on Google.

These are just four ways in which you can listed on Google in a lot less time than most people believe is possible. So if you are having problems getting listed, try one of these techniques, and you should be pleasantly surprised.

Peter normally has his new websites listed on Google, Yahoo and MSN within two days, and consistently gets high search engine listings. His website Improved Search Engine Rank offers to show you how exactly how he does it, including how Page Rank and SEO can be used together to achieve the highest listings for your keyword. Get his free 7 part SEO course.


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