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Social Media Marketing -- Tripolar Media

Vick Condecion

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Social media is not an easily definable term. It takes into its folds many websites providing diverse social features. For example, Facebook is a social networking site where people can share photos, videos or chat with friends but YouTube is a video sharing site where people can upload or download videos, twitter on the other hand is a micro blogging site.

Social media sites are very easily accessible. Anyone with an internet connection can open an account and access contents in these sites. These sites have become a craze among people of all ages throughout the world. This has provided commercial organizations with a golden opportunity. Social media is a platform where organizations can implement marketing campaigns at a relatively low cost. Moreover, getting more traffic to a website earns it higher ranking in the search engines. This will in turn lead to better exposure and better business.

A recent survey conducted on marketers has shown that 85% of marketers believe that social media marketing has generated attention for their business and also helped them find genuine leads. Marketing through social media is a word of mouth process. The awareness about a particular product or ad is spread from user to user by repeating it. These sites also often provide an opportunity for consumer – seller interaction. This is helpful for the seller companies as they receive feedback from their target customers. Regular interaction may also help in winning the loyalty of the consumers. Social media marketing generally centers around creating ads that would attract the attention of the user so that he or she would take an interest in the content and the product and share it with other users on the social site. Social media marketing helps you build up a group of loyal supporters who will convert others and bring you more business, if they are satisfied with your products and service. Social media marketing willl also help you monitor the views of your targeted audience regarding your product, their constructive criticism will help you upgrade or enhance your product to suit the needs of the customers.

Marketing through social media can be very helpful in attracting consumer attention to your company or product. There are numerous ways to do this. Creating a community page in Facebook, posting a funny video about your company or product in YouTube, collaboration with social gaming companies like Zynga etc are some very effective marketing strategies. Beside this, you can entice your community members to take entertaining surveys about your products or you can offer an interesting promotional deal for them, this will help you increase awareness and eventually sale of your products. Blogs are also very handy marketing equipment. You can write an article about your company or products and tag them and submit them to blogging sites. It’s inexpensive and very easy to do. YouTube is very effective in a social media marketing campaign. Though it is more time consuming and expensive, if executed correctly, a YouTube video can bring you more customers then anything else can.

If you have made up your mind about using social media as your marketing platform and are just about ready to plunge into it, then hire a professional. There are companies like Tripolar Media, who specialize in social media marketing. They can provide you with helpful insight and innovative ideas that would help you in setting up a more effective social media marketing campaign. Social media specialists Tripolar Media say that someone who knows about the field can help you get a bigger payback than you could have done by yourself. Social media marketing, when done correctly will help your brand to grow, which will allow you a much better market penetration.

Effective marketing has always been the crucial component behind success in business. In this age of cut throat competition, marketing is more important than ever. Conventional marketing is becoming all but obsolete in this new era of technology. This is where social media marketing is providing the much needed boost to the companies. It is still in its infancy, but social media has the potential to revolutionize the concept of product marketing in the near future.

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