Beating the New Google AdWord Rules with Blogs and RSS


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When Google Adwords first came on scene, it was not immediately apparent to most people how to utilize the system to create wealth, until John Carpenter popularised it with his Google Cash system, a book he wrote some time back.

Since then, Google Adwords has become one of the main traffic generation tools for most affiliates. It was the fastest way to generate traffic.

By now, most people would have learnt about the latest Google Ruling on their Adwords’ programs

Basically it goes like this:

1) Google will only display two ads for the same website at the same time AND only ads with the best click thru rate,

2) You can remove the three letter word ‘aff’ from your ads, if you are a reseller.

How do you ensure you are the top 2 ads besides having to bid up keywords until your nose bleed?

With this new ruling, there will only be 2 ads displayed at any one time, and only for ads that has the best click through rates.

The rationale is that there isn't any value add to show multiple ads that all point to the same web site.

In any case, experienced affiliate marketers would probably capture the email address of the person who clicked on the Google Ad, rather than directing the person straight away to the vendor's web site;

So there goes an easy and fast way to get traffic

So how do we counter the latest ‘dance’ from Google?

I have a solution which targets to key areas of concern:

1. Offering Value Add content through the use of Blogs

2. Getting F. R. E. E Traffic with RSS Feeds

Thousands of blog communities are sprining up all over the Net, and depending on what you are trying to market (as an affiliate) you can easily set up a blog centered just around the topic which relates to that product.

If you're selling slimming pills, you can have a blog just related to weight loss. Next, turn your blog into an rss feed and syndicate it all over the Net, by submitting to the 27 major blog directories and 41 major rss directories.

(There might be more at time of writing, but these are the main ones I submit to. )

Besides it's ability as a traffic tool, blogs give your potential clients value add in terms of useful contents you make.

Since you have to make postings to your blog, you are in a way ‘forced’ to study the area in which you want to market (e. g. weight loss) and provide good value add information, very much like a ‘consultant’.

Which in a way is good for anyone wanting to build a sustainable business and stay in the ‘game’ in the long run.

Brandon is Author of Multimedia Ebook “Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS". Learn how to leverage the power of blogs and rss feeds to drive more FREE targeted traffic, gain more leads and sales. Get Listed in Google and Yahoo for Free and save $299.


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Marketing With Blogs and RSS - The Hot New Tools of 2005
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