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To see each and every page during 10 seconds would take 694 days 24/24. The leading search engines fight to be the first that oversteps this level. In the meantime the key word “sex" has been typed about 20'000'000 times on the entire web and Google found 333'000'000 results for this query in January 2005.

According to Wordtracker “sex" leads the top 200 long-term keywords on a database of 368'159'632. The 2nd and the 3rd word are also *** but ruder.

During the same period the key word “sharing" has been typed 16'088 on the entire web and Google found 44'800'000 results for that query according to

The same search gives 425'656 typed queries and 229'000'000 Google results for “war", 174'912 typed queries and 66'300'000 Google results for “peace". In such an environment, think of how exciting it would be to launch an e-business site oriented towards sharing, interdependence, exclusivity and selectivity. What a challenge!

To begin with the powers to decide would be shared between its customers, its suppliers and itself.

The customers would get the opportunity to choose the products to market. The limited products range would follow the “one new goes in one old goes out" rule.

The quantity of products would be limited to a small percentage of the estimated World Population.

Each and any top-notch supplier would get an opportunity to be presented to the customers.

The bid would be on a global selectivity. Fair royalties would be the way to pay the main suppliers, the sales force and the site workers. *** ography, violence and racism would be frozen out in order to support the positive side of the Life.

Last but not least, this site would make money. But not at any price and in any conditions.

Such an e-commerce does exist, it is called (for “One Person Per Million"), a new fine art photography inline gallery.

It runs on a policy of quality, exclusivity and selectivity in the offered photos with a golden rule of limited subjects submitted by top-notch photographers, voted by demanding visitors and edited in strictly limited number following the World Population. Royalties on the actual sales pay the main performers.

Each and every photo is edited once and never again and delivered with a numbered authentication certificate. The catalog applies the well-known “one-new-goes-in-one-old-goes-out" rule.

Only one person per million – sometimes even one person per ten millions – can buy and possess a copy that exist nowhere else.

As for the photograph, the sales force and the publisher “success rules". This is quite a fresh endeavor, its success is far from being granted but it is worth to watch.

Daniel Borel is a marketing and communication man. He has been studying these fields since 1964 as manager of Atelier Synergétique SA, a Swiss Proficiencies Network which is oriented toward industry, high-tech and B2B services on export markets. That makes him acutely aware of a hard to manage happening: simply tell a Canadian and a Polynesian the word “tree", compare what they visualize and you understand what marketing communication implies. To get in touch: and


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Searching The Internet Without Search Engines
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