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Basic SEO Principles


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The creation of a website is a magical feeling as everything comes together. You spend days if not weeks working on this website or blog putting it together piece by piece. Stressing every detail from the littlest type of format in the title to the content and where it will be placed. All of this is great for those who are wanting to start an online business, but after the creation of your presence and no one begins to come you suddenly realize that without any marketing whatsoever there is no chance building any traffic. The saddest things I have seen is webmasters and bloggers with great content, but they don’t understand basic internet marketing and seo practices which lead them to a very low level of success. The idea I have always lived with when it comes to online business is when you create something you want to be seen then you have to create roads for your visitors travel. By roads I of course mean links on top websites and blogs related in your niche.

Once you have the idea of creating basic content and building links towards your main web presence. The next step will be learning everything you can about keywords and terms. These are basically the essence of search engines optimization and the more you understand the better off your website will place. One of the first checks you need to do when learning about any given keyword or term is going to Google and searching for “Google Adwords Keyword Tool”. This will bring up a tool which allows you to see the monthly search volume of any keyword typed in. Not only will it tell you the search volume of the term you typed in, but it will also show you the search volume of a hundred other terms closely related to the term you typed into Google. With this information you should easily be able to set up keywords and terms across your website. Usually what I will do is take some of the most searched for terms and optimize the index of my website for these then some of the lesser keyword terms being searched for I will optimize my sub pages or blog posts for.

That explains some of the basics when it comes to search engine optimization. The last SEO topic I want to cover and one that I really don’t think has been covered enough is time. In the first few months of your website you will be lucky if you can even get indexed into Google. Next you will need to spend a few months building links towards certain terms which if you build enough links you will show up in the top thousand. Between month 5 to 12 you will be working on ranking in the top three for some of these terms. It does take a long time because your are playing catch up with the websites and blogs already out there, but if your persistent and understand the time frame you will be fine.

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Basic SEO Principles Online Marketing
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