It's All in the Title

Matt Foster

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Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. You may be the most intelligent writer in the world, and have breaking information, which, if people actually read it, would benefit them and their business.

Problem: most, if not all, publishers of articles don't have the time to read the whole article unless they are “captured" within 7 seconds. So that tells us that, when submitting your articles to newsfeed services, publishers, bloggers, and the like, you have about 7 seconds to capture their attention (and I personally believe that is a liberal amount of time - my experience tells me more like two seconds).

Example: An excellent article was written just today, if you were to be as fortunate as me and have read the content of it. But the title almost instantly created a “deletion response" from me. That is a big problem - if the title of your article does not capture the attention of the potential publisher, then what is the point?

Titles must be captivating, yet relevant as well to the content of the article. Major mistake would be to post an article with a title that has nothing to do with the content - but that is a completely different discussion.

In summation, please spend time on an effective title - and that will get your article read and spread across the Internet.

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