Secrets on Website Promotion: How You Can Get a #1 Ranking for Your Website Name Within 30 Days


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Launching a new website with enough acceleration to rise above this ever increasing daily din needs some force. It is common to see a website with a different name and various product or service offerings with equally unrelated names. Promoting these diverse brands will naturally need more energy than promoting just one brand.

However, if the website’s name is carefully chosen to resemble the site’s main theme, all the promotion energies can focused on just one keyword. Products and services can have this name embedded into the official product names (think Microsoft Office).

Consider the example of “seecrets", which is a misspelling of a common word. It also reflects the main theme of the website which is in the business of protecting digital data, documents and software. It is fortuitous coincidence that this name is the same as the site’s resident writer, Stan Seecrets.

This author then sent five articles in as many weeks to about a dozen article submission sites. The result was astonishing. Within a week after the first article, Google ranked this author’s site #1 for this particular keyword. MSN also ranked this same #1 after about 6 weeks.

It is perplexing with Yahoo. The moment this keyword is keyed in, it gives a #1 ranking. When this author repeats the search five minutes later, the ranking disappeared altogether. Maybe, there is a big bug in their software or this search engine is as indecisive as we are.

This is an example of getting a #1 ranking by careful selection of the website’s name. Obviously this author cannot provide a list of step-by-step procedures. Readers who are using the most powerful computer located at the top of their heads can easily figure it out.

Getting a #1 ranking for one keyword is just a confidence-booster and perhaps some bragging rights. The longer journey with other keywords has just begun with this small step.

Please remember that past performance do not guarantee future results, only intelligence, common-sense plus Labor Omnia Vincit (Latin for labor conquers all - Oklahoma state motto) can.

Stan Seecrets’ Postulate: “The brand is the website. " (Spoofing Marshall McLuhan “The Medium is the Message". McLuhan is considered by many, as the prophet of the electronic age)

[This article may be freely reprinted provided it is published with the author’s bio and activating the link to the URL below. It can be edited, summarized, expanded, and translated into any human language provided the literary integrity is maintained. In the case of print media, the same condition applies except that the URL must be printed in bold letters. ]

The author, Stan Seecrets, is a veteran software developer with 25+ years experience at which specializes in digital asset protection and total website management. You can send your views or criticism by e-mail to Stan at

© Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All rights reserved.


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