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Keywords are terms or words related to particular topic. Keyword research involves various aspects, for example; to find sales oriented keywords or to drive maximum qualified users to increase the online sales.

Sound keyword research is the first step toward successful search engine optimisation campaign. We have to be careful while selecting keywords. It is tricky to select target keywords for a website. Keyword selection should be always based on various aspects like product names, services, company name, brands, features and general terms. People always forget about targeting geographical terms when they have global presence and provide offsite offerings.

While doing keyword research it is always recommended to do a thorough market research and competitive analysis to find best keywords used by search engine visitors to find products and services online and what keywords are targeted by your competitors who are doing well in online marketing.

First step to find best target keyword is make list of topics, products and services offered by you. You can also make use of website logs to know which keyword has brought you the traffic and conversions in the past. Always do research on competitor’s website which keyword they are targeting and which keywords rank well for their website.

Select such keyword which clearly defines your business and product to drive qualified traffic from search engines. There are some websites which get high traffic through general keywords but they might not convert into sales.

Today search engine users are aware of the usage of search engines, for searching products and services online. They always look for better services, discounts, geographical locations etc. Cover all possible terms for each; products, services with geographical locations.

There are tools available which help your identify keywords suitable for your business, such as WordTracker, Overture and other various to assist you in keyword research. But the challenge is, which keyword is the best one to get you qualified traffic. You can make use of statistics like count, KEI, competition to determine the best keywords.

Common tendency is to select most popular keywords having high competition on search engines. There are factors which play a crucial role for getting high rankings for popular keywords, such as content, page rank, link popularity and age of your website in search engines indexes. When you are starting with a new website or fresh search engine optimization campaign, always go for less competitive keywords to get a reasonable traffic, as a start. Once you start getting traffic you get a better idea on selection of popular keyword in logical terms. Always cover general terms, broad terms, geographical terms, short forms, misspelling, and thesaurus and your own innovation to find best keywords.

Search engine optimization experts at SEO Internet Marketing Corporation follows well defined standard to find best keyword for website optimization and Pay Per Click Campaigns. Our internal process makes use of in depth market research and use of statistical data like Count, KEI, Competition while selecting best keywords. Our aim is not to target high traffic but to target quality traffic using sales oriented keywords.

Popular keyword research tools:

https://adwords. google.com/select/m. . . =KeywordSandbox
http://inventory. overture.com/d/sea. . . ory/suggestion/

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SEO Internet Marketing Corporation offer extensive keywords research and analysis reports for search engine optimisation and PPC Campaigns.

URL:http://www.seo-internet-marketing.com. au
Email: info@seo-internet-marketing.com. au

Ashish Mehta - D. Bus, B. Bus, G. D. Bus, G. C. Info. Mgmt. Sys. - SEO Internet Marketing Corporation Australia


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Keyword Research Revealed - Google's Keyword Suggestion Tool
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