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MSN is currently third in terms of number of Search requests processed. Microsoft is never happy being just third. Look back at the history of Microsoft, Can you still remember when Netscape was the #1 Browser and Internet Explorer was a young upstart? Can you remember when Word Perfect was the #1 Word Processor and Office Just a Dream?

When Microsoft gets involved in a market it's goal is nothing short of total domination. Yahoo and Google look out because Microsoft will be a huge force in the Internet Search Arena. Microsoft has published guidelines to help You achieve higher rankings.

1 - Well Formed HTML

When it comes to HTML Always validate your HTML Code using free online HTML Valuators, Make Sure you have no broken links.

2 - Use a Robots. txt

In Your Robots. Txt File Make Sure MSN is given permission to Crawl your site

3 - Static URLS

Keep Your URLS simple and Static

4 - Keyword Rich Text

In Your Content use Keyword Rich Text that is relevant to your page

5 - Keep It Simple

Use 1 Topic per page and keep your page size reasonable

6 - Image Text

Make Sure Keywords are placed outside of Images in the Page Text

7 - Use a SiteMap

Using a Sitemap with a simple fairly flat hierarchy will make it easier for the MSN Robot to Crawl your Site

8 - Good Quality Content

Have lots of content both original and 3rd Party and make sure it is all relevant to your theme

9 - Good Quality Links and Back Links

Don't overlook link Popularity. Quality links from other Web Pages is a big part of the MSN Search Algorithm

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Search Engine Wars: Google Thumps Yahoo, MSN
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