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Dos and Do Nots of Website Startups


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When you are thinking about starting your own website, there seems to be nothing but endless miles of hope and excitement.

However, how excited would you be if you knew that you were starting things off on the wrong foot by not paying attention to certain elements?

If you want to see examples of what you should NOT do when you are on the Internet and starting your own website, then there are plenty of websites to choose from. In many cases, someone who is anxious to get their business off the ground knows the bare-bones facts about the importance of having a web presence, but often does not really understand how to implement that presence so that it makes a significant impact on the target audience. Making that impact is key because it shows your niche audience that you understand what it is they are looking for; and this helps to build up your credibility. Granted, most of us are not web designers, and even more of us do not hold degrees in graphic design and typography. However, if you are seriously considering web representation, then it pays to hire someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to web design.

There are many people out there (business owners specifically) who cannot seem to wrap their minds around why something as small as the graphics and layout of their website might actually be important. When considering web site building, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. For instance, would someone who is visiting your website be confused or not know where to focus once they reached the landing page? What are the important aspects of your business that you want to make sure that you are highlighting on your website? These are just a couple of the basic things that you need to take into consideration when thinking about website design.

Another element that is often overlooked is the color scheme associated with your website. There are countless websites out there that over utilize dark colors, so much so that the reader is often distracted by it. Especially if they are flipping through your website during the day, having colors that are too dark and overwhelming can often create a glare, causing the reader to click off of your website. There are also cases in which the opposite is true. People who are afraid to use color will encounter problems as well as readers are forced to squint or adjust their computer monitors so that the glare from the computer doesn't hurt their eyes as much. Of course, there are also other elements to the color scheme that you finally wind up choosing- things such as what colors to make the hyper links as well as what sorts of typography or fonts you should use. One note about typography is that you should keep in mind that not all people who are looking at your website from elsewhere may have access to the same types of letter choices that you may be seeing on your screen.

Do your research before you actually launch your site. Look around and see what sorts of websites appeal to you as well as what things you can pick out that other people are doing wrong. All of it will help you smooth out most of (if not all) of your site issues prior to it launching.

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