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Your Personal Space To Work


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Where you work and in what conditions you are working says a lot about the kind of person you are. Whether you work from home behind a pile of clutter and debris or whether you work in a nice corner office with a view and not a stitch of clutter in sight, your work space should be an area where you can clearly think and focus on the tasks at hand.

Personally, I cannot stand clutter. If, in fact, there is any sort of disorganization around me (I. e. my boyfriend has torn a pathway of destruction through our home or in my office), then I find that I have an incredibly difficult time concentrating on what it is that I need to do work-wise. It isn't until everything in the immediate area is neat that I can then start to work. Sounds kind of strange, but in fact, there are many people who feel the exact same way that I do about messes. There have even been scientific studies that have shown how people have had a lack of concentration and even increased anxiety over not having an organized, clean workspace within which to get work done.

When you are trying to create a work space, not all work environments are created equal. For instance, my boyfriend tends to like a more cluttered workspace in which to work. Anytime I look at his desk, it has books piled up on it, headphones, gadgets for his iTouch and mp3 player, loose change, etc. However, when you look at my workspace, I have a laptop with a second monitor attached to it, a simple plant on my desk, one small desk lamp, a little container holding pens, pencils, and a coaster for when I drink my tea. Everything has its place, and though it may sound like a lot, my desk is not cluttered at all. It allows me to focus on my work because I am not distracted by piles of things on my desk surface.

Again, try to play around with the idea of organizing your work space. For some people, this may mean clearing everything off of it and shoving it somewhere; while for others, this may mean investing in a file folder and filing loose papers. One of the first things that I did when I moved into my own apartment and was receiving mail, etc. was I purchased a paper shredder. I have strategically placed the paper shredder beside my desk so that anytime there are loose papers or things that are confidential that I no longer need, I can shred it immediately. This cuts down on the clutter as well as any excess junk laying around. I also have a file folder located nearby in the same room as my office so that I can save the more important paperwork (such as tax information, etc. ) for when I need it.

If you are a slightly messier person, you may need to play around with the idea of “organizing” your work space in a way that suits you. However, if you live with someone else who is neat and/or if your workspace is in an area that is visible to any company that you might have over, you should consider trying your hardest to be a little neater as it will benefit you and those around you!

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