Google Ranking Keeps Website Owners on Their Toes


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Google for the longest time maintains the standards which website owners need to maintain in order to achieve maximum exposure though the search engines.

I have often wondered how a website could be number one on MSN search but could not be found on Google search.

I have asked myself the following questions in relationship to where my website stands:

1) Is it due to content rich pages?
2) Is it due to the number of one way links to the website?
3) Is my website not showing up because I pay for Google Adwords?
4) Has my website been sandboxed due to exchange links?
5) Is my subject content unacceptable to Google?
6) How come my website isn’t showing up and it’s a Google Ranked four where other websites are showing up on page one and two of the search engine results and these websites are ranked a three?

The questions go on and on with no resolution. I have tested the system by creating two new sites. Both are based on the same content but presented differently. The websites were created; the subject matter was the same. The first website was given a Google ranking of three the other was given a two. This only confused me some more. How a three page website could be given a three where the other website had twelve pages and was give a two. I compared the links to the sites and every aspect. I could not find a reasonable solution. The number of hits to the website was similar. They both had minimal.

I decided to create another site. Once again I use similar subject matter and combined techniques from the previous two sites and added related subject matter links one way. This site was also given a Google ranking of three. Once again I could find no real justification. Three months later it went to a four where the other two sites stayed the same.

It’s my belief that by October this year my site will be increased to a five. I found new ways to get my sites ranked higher. Since October is right around the corner I should know the results shortly.

I believe the way for my sites to increase is to submit articles on my subject matter to informational sites. These sites are highly favored by the ranking system. These websites not lonely help to increase your ranking, but they also offer more exposure by ranking higher on the search results.

Taking the time to understand your websites complexity and over all relationship to similar sites will help to ensure a proper ranking among the search engines.

Mr. Howard Keith over the past couple of years has discovered various ways to help your website get ranked.

Mr. Howard Keith has an extensive background in website marketing and promotion. Through his trial and error phase he has been able to successfully market his sites.

Mr. Keith believes there are many alternatives to increase your website ranking. He continues to study the ranking system and it’s affects on small to large websites

For more information on you can check out his latest marketing site Take Flight with Reliable Marketing


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