Google Sitemaps is an Easy Way to Improve Your Site Coverage in the Google Index


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Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to improve your exposure in the Google index. It does not mean that to give preferences to these sites, which are submitted. It's a shared crawling system that enables you to communicate directly with Google to keep google informed of all our web pages, and when you make changes to these pages.

Participating in this is free. But Inclusion is not guaranteed.

What you get with Google Sitemaps:

  • Crawl coverage will be better to help people find more of site web pages
  • Search results are fresh
  • We can provide exact information about all web pages, like how frequently a page changes or when a page was last modified.

Google Sitemaps are used to inform direct google crawlers, to expand coverage of the web and speed up the research and addition of pages to google index.

How to submit a sitemap to google

We can submit your sitemap to google as stated below

1. You need to have a Gmail account. Using your Gmail user name, log into this link

2. You have to submit your site map in XML format. If you does not know much about XML format, follow the tutorials given in google sitemap for webmasters or take any sitemap done in XML format

(Ex: - xml) open the source code, copy the complete source code into notepad and make the changes as per your site and save it as XML format.

3. Upload your sitemap. xml file on to your server. (Your probable site map will be as such; xml

or; xml)

4. Finally, submit it to the Google Sitemap program

5. After submitting your site map, your submission status will change to “OK” after few hours or it can early, “OK” means, it has been indexed.

6. Update your sitemap when you made any changes to site

Statistics of your sitemap submission:

  1. First you Sign into Google Sitemaps with your Account.
  2. Verify the site you want to view statistics for.
  3. Click the stats link next to the site and view statistics for your site.

Before viewing your statistics you have to verify your site once. Once you have verified it, you can click the stats link to view the latest statistics for your site at any time.

In that statistics it will show the errors in your site if any. If there are any errors you have to rectify it and resubmit it again.

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Search Engine Optimizer, Hyderabad, India
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