Need More Traffic? Optimize Your Website! (Part II)


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In part one; we learned that keywords and keyword phrases are an important part of the success of our website. Also, we had a homework assignment.

Pull out your list of keywords and keyword phrases, and we will learn what to do with them.

Since your keywords have to be spread throughout you website to maximize their effectiveness, let us start with the top of the web page and work our way to the bottom.

Title Bar

One if the most important places to insert our keywords is the title bar. This is the text you see in the blue line, at the top of your website.

If you search different sites, on the web, you will see many websites that have their company name and home in the title bar. It may be something like this.

Arabians de Argentina | HOME

Changing the title to include specific keyword phrases will increase the search engine’s ability to find your site. Try it this way.

Training and History of Arabian Horses in Argentina | Arabians de Argentina

Which do you think is more focused?

Header Tags

While spreading keywords and keyword phrases throughout your website, a good place to insert them is in your header tags.

Header tags are the bold print section introductions you use to break up your text into smaller more digestible pieces.

  • <h1>Arabian Horses</h1>
  • <h2>History </h2>
  • <h3>Training</h3>

Graphic and Alternative Text Tags

Header tags are not the only place you can imbed keywords. You can use them in alternative text or graphic labels. For graphic labels, open the graphic then save it with the new file name. Therefore, JPG00001. jpg becomes Arabian. jpg or better Argentinean_Arabian_Horse. jpg. Then insert it into your website.

Be careful though; make sure you do not over do it and get in trouble with the search engine police.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are on your website for the purpose of drawing traffic your site. Think of them as invisible text boxes full of keywords and keyword phrases.

Other Tags

You can put your keywords and keyword phrases into your navigation page or other text links.

What all this does, is increase your website’s keyword density. As search engines looks for information, your entry looks appealing because you have more keywords and keyword phrases. This causes it to present your page before other similar pages.

Of all the above, a descriptive title bar may be the most important. Experiment with the others and see how it affects your page rankings.

In our next installment, we will look at another great way to make your website attract the attention of the big search engines. Do not loose that keyword list!

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