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After reading the newest ebook published by Nathan Anderson, I was floored at how it easy it was to generate great search engine results without paying a guru an outrageous sum of money to do so.  The search engines are accessible to everyone because of this new look at search engine optimization. Nathan Anderson takes the time to write down to earth explanations that any beginner can grasp and apply immediately. His writing style makes the technical jargon used by many technology nerds palatable to the amateur user.

Nathan clearly defines what a content site is and how it works. He also goes into detail about the components that make up a content site. I especially enjoyed this quote from the books opening letter. “Many SEOs are quite proud of their content creation abilities, claiming it to be an “art”. They call it “SEO Copywriting” in order to make themselves feel more important than they are. . . when in fact, any monkey that knows English can perform nearly on-par with these “experts. ”

This comment says a lot about Anderson and the kind of person he is. The sheer simplicity of the seven clearly outlined components of a content site is indeed the work of monkeys. Thanks to Nathan’s lack of egotism and his new ebook we can all share in better search results. Nathan holds nothing back as he goes into on-page and off-page optimization factors. Anderson reveals twelve points that any SEO would charge thousands of dollars to reveal.

Just when you thought that the book was worth every minute spent signing up to his exclusive opt-in list, Nathan goes on to reveal the seven components of a content site as in a very well defined and easy to understand writing method. This portion of his new ebook clearly explains that the following seven components are general characteristics of a content site.

1. Houses primarily HTML Text

2. Includes elements of interaction

3. May include multiple media types

4. Grows over time

5. Is tightly themed (niched)

6. Takes advantage of personal passions

7. Community = Success

Anderson goes on to explain every characteristic in great detail to ensures that the reader knows exactly how to compile, combine, and complete a site that embodies “the art” of a true content site. The simplicity of every single component is emphasized with examples and clear explanations.

Nathan goes as far as to give a list of resources and tools that is unmatched anywhere on the net. He goes into the programs and tools he uses personally to construct his own content sites. It was a true pleasure to read this ebook and use the tips and techniques Nathan has given to the world. The ebook is free at Take a minute download it and start living your dreams.

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Art of the Content Site by Nathan Anderson Shows that better search results are attainable by anyone.

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