Eskimos Hardly Ever Buy Cars and Shopping Trolleys


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Utilising the most under-used tool in any SEO expert's armory - honesty.

We all know there are thousands of sites out there claiming to get you to the top of the search engines, the problem isn't that they can't fulfil this seemingly extraordinary promise, it's that the objective of the excercise may not be as extraordinary as we are led to believe.

These promises can be tested, and can work. For example anyone claiming to get you to the top of google is probably able to do it - providing they implement a number of public-domain, straightforward practices there's no reason they can't get you to the top.

The honesty factor comes in here though. ‘I can get you to the top on google’ isn't actually a bold claim. For example if you sell cars, I know I personally can get you to the top - so long as you don't mind the fact that you are top for some pretty obscure keywords that no-one searches for - such as eskimos buy cars and shopping trolleys

Now, the true SEO expert is the one who can be honest and get you to the top using keywords people actually search for.

You might think that's a fairly logical step, I mean why would you want to have your shop in a street where nobody goes? But I bet you'd be surprised if you knew the amount of web site owners who've been sold just this trick.

There's good news too though - there's no reason that you can't get right to the top of google and all of the major search engines using an honest SEO expert. There are lots of us out there, and the truly good ones get a huge kick out of getting our clients sites to the top - if we didn't we'd be in the wrong business.

The first question you should ask yourself is what your objective of getting to the top is - once you have that benchmark you can judge the efforts of your SEO expert from there, and if you pick an honest one who knows what they're doing, you should achieve your top listing in no time.

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Don't Be Macho Selling Ice to Eskimos
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