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This article is designed for webmasters and site owners who have freshly deployed their web sites on the Internet.

If your goal is to improve your pagerank (PR) with Google (especially if your PR is still 0), reading farther below will help achieve your goal.

Submitting to search engines is one of the strategies you will use to improve your site's PR. BTW, PageRank is a measure used by Google to rate the importance of a web page.

Search engine (SE) submission as a trade has been booming as never before. Some offer their services for free, others charge you precious dollars.

SE services have one thing in common though. Reading the list of search engines to submit to - which ordinarily counts to hundreds, even thousands - is enough to make you dizzy.

The truth of the matter is, there are only a handful of search engines that you should be concerned with.

In terms of improving your pagerank with Google - and generating traffic to your web site on the side - the search engines listed below should be a must have in your submission list.

You will not regret using the list below. I used the same list for my own web site, the, and after three months my pagerank improved from 0 to 4.

Individual results may vary, of course, as there are yet other factors involved in improving your PR. Submitting to search engines is one key strategy.

By worrying less about which search engines to submit to, you can channel your efforts to other PR enhancing strategies, like for example writing articles, etc.

Here's the list:

  2. YAHOO!
  3. MSN Search
  4. ALEXA
  7. SPLAT!
  9. JAYDE
AOL. You don't have to submit to AOL since AOL uses Google for its organic search. If you have submitted to Google, your site appears in the search results of AOL.

DMOZ. It will take an eternity to be listed with DMOZ (Open Directory Project). Try submitting just once, then forget about it. If you are insistent on listing with DMOZ, go here.

One final comment. The best time to submit your site to search engines would be the third week of the week. At least this is the working norm during this last quarter of 2005.

That's it.

Submit to the above listed sites - and forget about submitting to the other 100+. Save your your time for the other useful Internet marketing chores.

Rick Tanzo is the creator of , a PR4 homepage which offers free Internet marketing and home business resources, such as free software, free articles, free classified ads guide, and more.


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