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We all know that google isn't just going to start pouring in the profits for you but you have to work for google to. You hav to have content that will help google tailor it's ads perfect to your google adsense site.

Google adsense is a break in ppc profit generators and the best thing is that it doesn't cost you one dime, just your time and dedication to building the best google site for google adsense you can.

Everyone has their own tips and tricks as to what makes there google adsense profits for them, but not all these tips always work for other google adsense clients in the same way.

Before you go purchase your domain, sit down at the computer and search content on the topic of your choice, for your google adsense site.

research the google adwords to find highly searched keywords through the search engines.

Once you've researched your google adsense site topic, do it again. You want to grasp as much information on google as you can. The more honed you are to whats out there, the better you can design your site and the content in it.

Your site must have the content other sites lack. To bring in the traffic. You ever did a search on the title of any article you've just added to your site, to see how many othe sites contain that same exact article. You ought to try it sometime.

You'll find the same article on similar google sites, all over google. the richer the content that is in your site the better.

i once watched a google adsense site sell on ebay for $7,000.00 I went to check this site out and it was the shottiest thing i ever saw but it had a google page rank of 6. i couldn't believe what I saw but the content as I surfed through it all made perfect sense.

every piece of content on that site was specifically tailored to babies. i wish i could remember the sites name but the site layout was horrible but the content was absolutley inline with a lot of things other google adsense clients talked

about. Needs to increase exposure, " rich google content". Don't try to trick google spiders or search engines, it may work for a bit but it will catch up to you and could get you thrown out of google for good.

As google state “No Evil", they live by this quote. So don't try anything stupid.

A good honest google generation book to read is “How To Build An Adsense Kingdom", by:Eric Holmlund. It's got a lot of good sense about building your google sites and maintaining your google content.

It tells you how to create your adsense kingdom in no time with just a little patience.

A good site creation tool as well for google adsense is It is a webbased application which I do wish was local based but it works well. moderately priced. for $72.00

A few words to close with:

  1. 1. Don't try to fool google, it will burn you.
  2. 2. The better you study your google site, the better you can make it.
  3. 3. Make redirection links to google adsene site you totally redo, this keeps old traffic coming back with out having to do a google search for your new site.
  4. 4. Keep your website code clean and organized.
  5. 5. Make sure your google content is rich and original is good as well.

Authored by: Jason Sparks

Google Works WEll

I'm a father of 2 lovely children. I want to get into writing articles but i'm as new as they come. Practice take notes and learn will create a better writer.


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