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Now I know many people will say what? That goes against everything most have learned. You start a website then submit to search engines. That is something we need to do and something that is very important but it's not the most important and not the only thing we need to do.

We do need to submit to the search engines, but you should not pay to submit to hundred's and thousands of search engines. Think about it, there are only a handful of popular search engines. You've never heard of the other thousand engines, so chances are millions of other people have never heard of them either. So why pay $50 or more to a company who claims they will get you top spot in a bunch of search engines that most people won't use.

You can be the only website listed in that engine and it wouldn't matter. If no one is there to search on it, then they can't find you now can they? There are also businesses claiming that they will get you into google, yahoo, msn, and other popular search engines in 24 hours. Those claims are hard because I don't know the methods or if they are even ethical, but most popular search engines, especially google, can take weeks and months to get into and it's hard to say whether or not this company is actually telling the truth about letting you in.

There are many ways to get your website out there. After submitting to the top search engines, search for popular directories and submit your website. This can be more time consuming because there are hundreds of directories. Start with yahoo and dmoz directories. They are two of the most popular ones. There are also software in which you can submit to directories semi-automatically. Not fully automatic because most directories need you to fill in information that the softwares usually can't.

Another tip for getting your website noticed is to get a budget you can live with and advertise with adwords. If you do it right you can be spending less money than if you go with an advertising company. They can cost hundred's and thousands of dollars.

The most important one, but the hardest is getting sites to link in. Linking in means that other websites have a link to your website. It's really good because if this site is in high standing with google, yahoo, alexa and has a good page rank, then google will take notice that and your page rank can go up. Doing this is hard because you need to find similar websites that aren't direct competition and see if they will place a link on their site or trade links, or even sell a little ad space. If you ask 20 websites, then realistically only 1 in that 20 might say yes. So like I said it's difficult. Also only trade or get linked in with sites that complement yours. If you sell clothes you shouldn't link to a site that sells car parts. That will only hurt you with the search engines.

Written by Marsha James

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