Practical Tips I Discovered About Getting Indexed Fast And Ranked High in 3 Major Search Engines


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I am always amazed at the amount of junk out there on search engine optimisation that seemingly purports to propagate the “iron-clad" solution of one-size fits all. . . that if you apply that technique or tactic, that sole technique alone will enable your sites to be indexed fast and to get a top listing.

No, nothing is further than the truth, because experience has taught us differently.

Each major search engine demands attention and a different approach.

If you have ever created a website and had it submitted for indexing, but have been waiting to see the site get indexed. . . perhaps even waiting today, without results, than this posting is the most important post you will ever read!

Let's put aside the fluff, and get to the good stuff.

First, Google.

Google is the search engine that demands “work" - it likes off-site factors, and the main off-site optimisation factor that it prefers above the others is “links". Links - get a tonne of them. The anchor text and the quantity of backlinks matters. I find when I get lazy in working my program of determining anchor text and securing or asking for links, whenever I slack, those websites will similarly fail to make it well in the rankings. I would like to point out that many do “proper" search engine optimisation by optimising the page or keywords on the pages for Google indexing, but for Google, the anchor text and quantity of links hold supreme. But that is as long as their algorithm remains unchanged. And for fast indexing, seek out those high PR(Page Rank) sites to get a link. If you can secure a link with a page with a PR5 or PR6 site, you will get indexed within a couple of days.

For Yahoo and MSN search engines, the key is to work on your on-site optimisation of your website. This means keyword optimisation is important. Work on key selection and density, work on your headers h1 and h2 and a possible h3 to contain your keywords. And at the footer, insert your keyword again so that the search engine spiders will be able to find them easily. MSN is just a nice search engine that really likes you to have a 6% keyword density, and with some good links you will be near to the top.

I have observed that many webmasters are securing top listings in MSN search engine simply by posting links in classifieds, ffa boards(Free For All Boards )and on blogs. This is a simple and easy way to get into the first page of the MSN listings. Of course, I am aware that there is talk that you should avoid submitting your links to ffas and link farms. I'm NOT referring to submitting your links to ffa farms and doing nothing else. I'm talking about intelligently putting up a good link with anchor text and submitting to those high traffic classifieds and ffa sites, not those doubtful “standalone" personal ffa pages that are mostly owned by the newbies to internet marketing. I also find that Press Releases to Online Directories and the Article Directories will work well for MSN and Yahoo in getting links.

Now, these are the PRACTICAL points that you should work on. These practical tips will work their magic on your sites to get them indexed and to rank higher. Follow them, and you will be greatly rewarded!

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner and Marketing Strategist. Believing that keyword research is important, Peter provides a Niche Keyword Finder that you can access for free at You can also learn about Instant Adsense websites that can provide non-stop profits at


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