How to Eat the Very Large Elephant of Search Engine Optimization through 7 Tips of Wisdom

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Do you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is learning through your own mistakes and wisdom is learning through the mistakes of others. During the last 6 months, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about that very large elephant of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specific to Internet marketing and wish to share some of that wisdom with you.

Tip #1 – Key Words Database

Knowing that your site is keyword rich is essential. There are several free sites that will display keywords such as or software such as SEO Elite at . Take the time to develop a key word database per page. This database may need to be revisited on a regular basis as key words may change. I use spreadsheets and track key words on a monthly basis.

Tip #2 - Key Words Within URL

After developing your key word database, select key words for your URL title For example, I had a page titled …com/youth. I renamed that page to correspond to one of my key words that being student leadership. The page is now …com/student-leadership. With the renaming of the page, now robots can find the keywords quicker and ultimately give me a higher page rank. Also, remember to use dashes between words or an underline to separate words so that the robot can correctly read the key words.

Tip #3 – Key Words within Title Page

Each page of your website should have a unique title page that is key word rich specific to that page’s content. This title should not exceed 77 characters. Again, if you have a local focus, include the city within this title.

Tip #4 – Key Words within Meta Tags

Using SEO Elite Report provided by my marketing coach, Alan Boyer , the report suggested that I needed to reduce my meta tags key words so that total characters did not exceed 487 per page. Also, repeat words were discouraged and placement of the words was also assessed. Your main key words should be the first ones with supplemental words following. For example, on one of my pages, the most important key word phrase is: small business coach Chicago IL. I then placed that phrase first followed by other key words. Using your geographic location should be part of your keywords if that is part of your marketing strategy.

Tip #5 – Key Words Density

Referring to your key word database for each page, write your content or revisit your already written pages. Your most important key words should come first on the page. With search robots being so intelligent, the challenge is keeping a balance or density between some and too many key words. Your key word density should not exceed 2%. Also, you may wish to bold key words as this too helps in SEO and remember to keep each page’s words to 2,000.

Tip #6 – Key Words Anchor Text

One of my greatest Ah-Ha’s was the importance of anchor text within each page. Anchor text or hyperlink text links key search words to other pages or files within your site. I am in the process of reviewing each page and adding additional anchor text links.

Tip #7 - Work in Progress Much is written about content being “King. ” This is true, but the content needs to be continually updated so that robots will come back to your site. Your site is a work in progress that is continually being updated with new key words specific to your business as well as new content. This content could include articles, press releases, etc.

Hopefully, the sharing of my mistakes will provide you with some wisdom and will help you to eat that elephant of SEO one bite at a time.

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