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This article contains information about SEO (search engine optimization) within you website coding, then later in this article I will say some tips on how to gain more traffic to your website.

So first we all no what not to do on are websites that is classed as illegal to search engines, if you didn’t know well here is a small list of thinks not to do

1. Hidden links (this includes links that have been made to the same colour as its background or made with small text font) 2. Hidden text this also includes what was said in number one

ok they were things that are not aloud to be done here are some things I would say do not do as it will not help you with your rankings in the SE’s (search engines)

1. To many keywords (and un related)

2. Repeating keywords

3. Placing keywords in your description (when I say this I mean in the same layout as the keywords)

4. Placing keywords in the title (when I say this I mean in the same layout as the keywords)

5. Placing all your keywords in the alt aptitude of an image tag.

So what can you place in the code section for a good SEO friendly page well we will start with the title as this is generated from the coding. You should place your main keywords in your title, but lay them out well not like you lay your keywords out

Here is an example:


Computer, gaming, games, website reviews,


Computer gaming | website reviews | pc game help

The title that was set out the right way is good because this will help you get better search terms (remember that was an example I would not use that term). Now for the description for your site, you should note that the description doesn’t have to read write fully as long as it does the job on you keywords then its fine because it is mainly for the search engines, ok now we have that covered you should write you description of you site keeping it all related and contain all of your keywords know more that 3 times for each keyword and if you do add them 3 times make sure you have plenty of text, do not do the description to long try you best to make it as small as possible and very relevant.

Now for the best bit copy the description and place it in a comment section not far from you Meta description this will help you out with you ranking a lot and is very safe to do.

Gaining more traffic to your website

Here is some simple ways to gain traffic to your website

1. Join webmasters forums and discuses tips always place a link to your website in your sig section people will visit your website if they find you interesting, also this can help with other things like getting your website scanned by search engine robots more, because forums get scanned a lot by search engines as they are getting updated a lot and always remember to place keywords in your text link.

2. Do backlinks at the most ten a day is good to many can look bad to the SE’s (search engines). The best place to add text links to is directories, there are a lot of free ones on the internet and these will send a steady flow of traffic to your website.

3. Get press release done at least once a month will be great, if you know some one that can write you a very good and interesting press release then you could get into google and yahoo news with it, this will send a lot of targeted traffic.

4. Now this one is the best for your site, always update your website at least every two days then the users that you have will come back to your website, so with this traffic you are getting you should be able to keep with a well updated website.

For more articles on SEO please read my other release or you can visit: we have lots of webmaster tips and resources and a great webmaster forum, thank you.


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