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How to Improve Your Page Rank Get Your Website Noticed Fast


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Does improving your page rank, increase sales? Maybe. Probably. Every business/website owner should understand the significance of page rank to their business. When you have a business website, you want people to visit it. The best way to ensure this is to have your site listed at least on the first page of the search results for a specific keyword. When a search engine is performing a search on a topic it looks at several things to determine how high the page will show up. (Keep in mind that search engines can change what they deem important at any time. ) The search engine is looking at how popular the site is, meaning how many people have visited it. It looks at whether the site is truly relevant to the keywords that it is listed under and if it has some good content on it. And it looks to see if other sites are linking to it. Most of the time, a page with a higher ranking will list higher.

When you have a new site, it is unlikely that you will get a high page rank soon, just letting people naturally come to your website. Sometimes it can take months, even years to improve your page rank to get to a 3 on the 10 point ranking scale of Google. Websites like Amazon and Yahoo! are 9s. Since you can't get high rankings on your own right away, you have to leverage the page ranking of other relevant sites. You've heard that articles play an important part in promoting your business. This is where they come in. If you write an article and submit it to a website that has a higher page rank, you get to use the power of that website to get your website seen. Where do you submit articles? There are hundreds of article directories on the web. Many cater to a particular type of article. Do a little research to find the one that fits your business best. and both have a high page rank on Google. These are two very different places in which to submit your articles. Take a look at both and see if one or the other (or both) interest you. You can submit articles to both, or find another directory that suits you. Remember to submit different articles. Article directories and search engines do not take kindly to seeing the same article in different places.

You also need articles to provide the good content that the search engines look for on your website. Visitors are also looking for good information. If you give it to them, they will come back. When you fill the need for information, your visitors start to trust you and are more open to becoming customers.

Improving your page rank is not completely determined by how many backlinks you have. Article marketing success also comes from considering keywords, titles, and how popular the product is. Page rank is just one piece of the puzzle. You must understand how important articles are to the total success of your business.

Article written by Lynne Jones, A Stay At Home Businesswoman/Mom.
Unleash the power of article marketing! Take your business to new heights.


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