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Title Tag Optimization 1 10 SEO Foundations


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Your title is the most important aspect of on page website optimization; more important than anything else. Before a search engine spider even looks at your website it first analyzes your title tags. This means that if you do not have a unique title tag for each page than it is very likely that page could be considered duplicate content and not be indexed by each search engine.

There are many factors that need to be considered when optimising your title tags each of which if carefully researched will give you the edge over your current competition and will allow your customers to find you that bit easier. Read this. Learn it. Then implement it. Simple.

Keyword Research

First off you have to choose your keywords. But that's not as easy as it sounds. Most people assume the moment they go online that they know exactly what keywords they want to be ranked for. Wrong. You need to test this. You really do. Use Google Adwords to actually test what traffic from which keywords converts best for you. After all there's no point getting lots of traffic if it doesn't convert. Also use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find derivatives of key phrases that work for you. Finally look into using Microsoft's Commercial Intent tool to give you an idea of how well a keyword will convert (if you don't fancy using Adwords)

Keyword Relevance

Once you know what keywords you want to be ranked for you have to decide which is most important. When a spider looks at your title tag it puts the most relevance on the keywords furthest to the left. So, before you go shoving your company name at the very beginning consider ordering your key phrases in dependent on what you want to be ranked for. Remember the majority of people aren't going to be searching for your company name.

Title Tag Length

Now you know the ten thousand keywords you want to be ranked for. Well obviously they aren't all going to fit. Limit your title tag to a maximum length of 70 characters. If you have too many key phrases to fit in each tag then vary the keywords you use, this will help to keep your tags unique whilst making sure you cover all the fields you require.

Separating Keywords

After much split testing we have found that bars | pipes are the best and most user friendly way of dividing keywords. They help to break up your keywords and draw more traffic from the search engines than any of the others.

Title Tag Format

Don't create your title tag using all upper or lower case. Also don't capitalize letters in the middle of words. We would recommend Camel Case which is capitalizing the first word of every letter.

Don't Duplicate Keywords

Just because you offer Deals, you do not need to include that phrase after every single key phrase. Make sure that every keyword included in your title tag is there for a reason. It is also worth doing some research into stop words. Stop words are common English words that search engines discount because they are unimportant. Make sure your title tag does not include common English words such as then and when we who how etc.

Content Matching

Make sure that any keywords used within your title tags are also used within the content of that page. You are much less likely to get well ranked if the page contains no content that you are attempting to rank for. Google frowns upon this.

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