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Why Google Is Not To Blame Your Lousy Rankings


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Here is some of the work spiders do on the world wide web. First of all spiders are software, and each search engine has its own spider.

These software called spiders determine where a website rank for particular keywords. They are the thing that indexes your website in the search engines.

The main role of these software is to crawl webpages, to provide the search engine customers, with the best possible results. The customers are the users that use the search engines.

These software are installed with special features, with their main role to find certain elements inside a website. These elements may include meta tags, number of backlinks, how old a wbesite is, the keyword density and a lot of other in depth details. Some of these are not revealed to search engine optimizers or anyone else. The search engine programmers keep this secret.

These factors are created just as a way for these software to find the best websites. Since there are millions of websites, these spiders goal is to present the results for a particular keyword, starting from the best all the way down to one thousand results. That is the maximum number of results any search engine displays.

In fact if you try it out, click on page one then page two, three and so on, you will see a message on page hundred where results end.

So, all the spiders do is help the users who are searching this giant collection of websites on the web. You as an search engine optimizer, want to give search engines what they want.

That is how they rank your website in the top. By giving them what they are looking for, your website becomes the best possible solution for the keyword the user is looking for.

Keep that in mind, because that is the ultimate reason why you are doing search engine optimziation.

Here are the factors that will index your website if spiders see them.

If you have a brand new website, spiders do not know about it yet. But if you start getting backlinks, than it raises a flag to the spiders. They will find your backlinks if they are on indexed websites, follow those links and arrive on your website. Then start visiting your website pages.

The more backlinks they find, the more flags you raise as a signal that your website exist and should be indexed. That is the language you must communicate with the spiders to index your website.

No worrying, no complaining and definitely not using the add url submission form the search engines have. The submission form was simple created because they were being contacted by the millions of new websites everyday. Everyone wanted their website indexed, so to stop all those emails from every website, they created the submission form.

They will not review each website one by one, that is for sure. Spiders does the indexing automatically.

What about the factors that improve your search engine rankings.

That is a big question to answer, because the factors are vast. However the obvious factor is the number of backlinks you have. Then there are many other factors like the type of backlinks, the quality, the pagerank of the website your link is on and the list is very long.

However, the good news is that you do not want to know all that stuff, even though it helps. As a search engine optimizer, you need to get backlinks. It does not matter what type, just the more you get the better.

Hopefully now you know that behind the search engines, there is not god preferring a website instead of the other because the owner is a relative. You need to make friends with the software called spiders.

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