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SEO Tips for Improved Houston Search Engine Rank


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Use Header Tags

Header tags are used to specify headings within an article on a web page. For example, using H1, H2, and H3 header tags make it simple for readers to quickly skim your web pages for content that they want to read, rather than having to trudge through all of your content. In fact, most people will not read through all of your content if it isn't simple to read. Online surfers have little patience and will leave a website that doesn't quickly give them useful information in an easy-to-read format.

Bold and Italicize Keywords

Bolding keywords will make them stand out to readers so that they know right away what your web pages are focusing on. This is another way to keep people on your website for an extended period of time, helping them become more familiar with your business and website.

Use Title Tags

A page's title tags tell people who are scouring search results on Google, Yahoo!, and Live (formerly MSN) what your web page is all about. You should use a different title for every web page, and the title should always be written specifically for that web page. If possible, include the title of the article on the web page in the title tag. The title should be the primary keyword that the web page is focusing on, as well.

Write a Unique Description for Every Web Page

Since every web page is unique, they should each have their own unique description. Try to use your keyword one or two times in the description. Overstuffing the description with keywords will not likely improve your search rank.

Use Unique Keywords for Every Web Page

Each page should also have its own set of keywords. The primary keyword that a web page is focused on should be the first keyword in the list of keywords. This improves the keyword's prominence, which is a very important factor in search engine optimization.

Only Use 100% New, Unique Content

Content that is copied from another website is counted as duplicate content by search engines and will not be likely to improve your website's search rank. Write your own unique content or hire an SEO firm to write optimized content for your website.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

The first two SEO tips in this article discussed how using header tags and bolding/italicizing keywords helped maintain your readers’ attention. These tips also improve your search engine rank because search engines look for these optimization techniques because they want to deliver quality websites to their searchers.

There are many SEO tips that can improve your search engine rank, but your website is not likely to see the first page of a search engine for search terms that your visitors are actually using without the help of a Houston search engine optimization firm . You may show up for second-rate search terms and what are called “long-tail keywords, " but the competitive keywords that targets markets actually use are often targeted by big-budget retailers and service companies.

Andre Zayas is a professionally syndicated author.


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