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Ok it has been awhile since I wrote on this topic. But here goes!

Please Note: These are only tips, and will not be enough to provide top positions for desired keywords. If you wish to gain better results please contact me and we can develop a campaign to suite your needs.

Meta Tags

There are many meta tags you can include in your web page. (For those that don't know your meta tags are included in between the tags of the website).

The most important tags to include are Title, Keywords, & Description.

The all important Title tag

This is really the most important tag to include on your website. A properly optimised website would have different title tags for each individual page. If you notice most of the top search engine results have the keyword your searched for in the title of the website, Sometimes it is even duplicated.

It is important to include your desired keyword near the beginning of your Title.

Most companies would opt to have there company name as the first keyword in the Title. Although this is pleasing to the eye, it is not to the search engine algorithms. A title tag limit should be between 70 to 80 characters.

The Description tag

This tag is important for two reasons. 1. The search engine robot crawls the tag to get an idea of what the page is about. 2. The tag is often shown under the page title in search results.

It is important to have a keyword rich description however it must be written in a coherent phrase. The length of a description tag is somewhat of a mystery but we suggest somewhere to the maximum length of 255 characters.

Make sure your important keywords are towards the front of the description. As with the title tag a properly optimised website will have different descriptions for each page.

Last but not least! The Keyword tag

Although it is tipped that major search engines such as google don't use this meta tag to rank your site, there are still plenty of search engines that do.

The idea which is much the same as many of the other meta tags is to put your important keywords up the front.

The keywords section should be around 800-1000 characters. This is the estimate provided by some search engines. I personally wouldn't work to hard on this section, but it is important depending on the search engine.

If you are using our content management system enter your page configuration administration section, and you can change the meta tags for each page there. If you are interested in our content management system the please contact me .

Hope this little guide helps. As I said if you wish to gain better results please contact me and we can develop a campaign to suite your needs.


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